HOMO-CENTRIC RECORDS launched in September 2022 to showcase both GIDEÖN’s own musical
    creations and those of his comrades in House. The imprint, founded primarily to amplify the creative contributions of queer artists working in dance music, features like-minded artists whose approach to Deep House aligns with GIDEÖN’s well-respected underground musical aesthetic. Conceptually, the label focuses on the LGBTQIA + heritage of House and pays homage to its lost heroes. – from phonica records
  • Mad Honey – Setback (12” single) [space grapes]
    Time warp to 1979 Paradise Garage. Out of this world new (classic) disco recorded in all analog fashion in the Netherlands. Truly impressive quality audiophile recording. The groove on Setback is guaranteed to set even the most timid dancer into a disco frenzy. Very excited to see what else comes from Dutch vinyl imprint Space Grapes. They have found a unique niche in the world of modern production and are doing it to perfection.
  • Omar S – HiTech [FXHE Records]
    Detroit House legend Omar S drops a bangin mixtape (on vinyl). Catchy hooks, fun lyrics, and high BPM club rhythms make this one a party starter for sure. Nominating this one for best blunt ride of 2022.
  • DJ Delish – Propper Faggotry
    If you want to talk about what club music really means, start here. DJ Delish lives at the epicenter of East Coast club culture, having cut her teeth on the ballroom circuit as both a DJ and performer. From DJ Delish… “like every Vogue compilation I put together. I don’t think I’m able to articulate what I feel about what I’ve seen, at least not in a way that wouldn’t be misunderstood—but I’m thankful Music speaks a universal language that a majority of people can understand. Each song has its own world, however short or long that song is, that world exists within it. Songs like
    “Deep N’ Vogue (Cover)” and “Mind Yo B’iness” speak to my structure in Ballroom beat making and how I’ve learned so much from the melodic tracks we’ve vogued to for YEARS. Proper Faggotry in sum is Faggotry done right. Enjoy.”
  • Salomo – RM12018.1 (Water) [R.A.N.D MUSIK]
    Deep, progressive, trippy vibes. Uplifting old school hypnotic and rolling trance. Really captures the best essence of 90s progressive dance before it got tossed into the cringe bin. Exciting stuff from German label AND literal vinyl record factory R.A.N.D. Musik.
  • Honey Dijon – Black Girl Magic
    Well, if you know you know. Chicago Icon Honey Dijon sets the bar for House Music after shooting to fame this year thanks to her work producing tracks for Beyonce’s Renaissance. House music was back in the mainstream in 2022 because of it. Honey Dijon’s sound is pure and timeless through and through working that classic Chicago sound into fresh, feel good dance music that will surely stand the test of time.
  • Anomalis Radio – Dear World Compilation [Anomalis Radio] ….from Richmond VA!
    VIRGINIA IS FOR LOVERS… and house music. Richmond Virginia house music crew Anomalis Radio put out this beautiful compilation tape showcasing a dozen local producers. So stoked to see people doing the thing in VA. Catch them spinning on the reg at Jungle Room in RVA!
  • Hagan – Textures
    A stunning full length debut from UK producer Hagan. Textures is an homage to global sounds and influences, an expression of his journey of self-discovery and reflection on his UK-Ghanaian heritage. Recorded between London and Accra, the project draws out a range of Afro-influenced sounds while listing the collaboration of emerging talents across the vibrant landscape of contemporary African music.
  • Shanti Celeste – Cutie/Shimmer (12” single)
    Hessle Audio welcomes long-time friend Shanti Celeste to the label for the first time. ‘Cutie’ rolls out at a fast pace; it’s a house banger in Shanti’s unique style – a bouncing bassline, ethereal pads and her own gated vocals combine to light up dancefloors around the world. ‘Shimmer’ makes explicit Shanti’s love of UK garage, contrasting a propulsive two step rhythm with circular melodic synth lines which dance around each other for the duration. Danish producer Central has been a fixture in Shanti’s DJ sets for years, and here he provides a rolling, blissed out remix of ‘Shimmer’ to close out the EP – from bandcamp UK Rave Revival that is just soooooo goood!
  • M.A.D 004 – VA Vol.1 [Make A Dance]
    True spirit DANCE compilation from up-and-coming London DJ duo and Label Producers Make A Dance. Next-level genre-bending raw dance energy. In 2022 they teased the world with some of the season’s most scorching hot edits released only as a small batch of quick-to-sell-out vinyl and followed up with this charting VA comp from the label’s own roster of artists.
  • Earth Boy’s – Froggy’s World EP [Shall Not Fade]
    Deep and OG rave-inspired EP from Brooklyn house duo Earth Boy’s. Not sure what to say other than these boys do it right. Forward sounding while paying homage to legends of House past. Lush pads, swinging house, breaks, and a latin edge capture the real essence of that NYC sound. I gotta say there are also some major playstation 1 vibes on here and it makes me so happy.
  • Felipe Gordon – Natural Born Climber [Shall Not Fade]
    Colombian producer Felipe Gordon has been on a tear this year with multiple vinyl releases from top shelf house labels – shall not fade, razor n tape, and Toytronics. Irresistible grooves, sex appeal, and searing jazz lines abound. Pretty impossible to choose just one of his releases from 2022. This guy is going places fast. I expect a massive 2023 for Felipe on the world stage as he seems to be now playing with a live band.
  • Honorable Mention TRACKS
  • Janeko – Concentrate [Yoyaku]
    Techy French House that sucks you in and keeps you there.
    Fuzzy Logic – Still Flowing Water [Hessle Audio]
    Euphoric supersaws, who can say no?
    Mell Hall / Baebert – Can’t Stop Now [club sweat]
    Definition of a Feel Good Chart Topper. Disco Re work of Yazoo’s 1982 smash hit ‘Don’t Go’ Play this at your cousin’s wedding!
    Eliza Rose – B.O.T.A. (Baddest Of Them All)
    Blew up on Tik Tok, but it is undeniable gold. Infectious pop house summer anthem from the UK.

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