Best Music Released in 2022 (in no order whatsoever.)

Topical Dancer by Charlotte Adigere and Bolis Pupul: my favourites from this
album are Esperanto and Hey. The album covers serious subjects in a cheeky and
infectious manner!
Two Piece Puzzle by Rosalie Cunningham. Her second solo album, favourites
include Donovan Ellington and The Liner Notes but it is all good. Influences of
everyone from the Beatles to Deep Purple can be heard throughout.
EBM by The Editors. Good dance music! Favourite tracks include Vibe and
Rhythm of the World by The Cowsills, the family band from the 1960s who were
the inspiration (but not the participants) of the Partridge Family. This is a new
album, favourite tracks include Nuclear Winter.

Best Music not released in 2022 but could easily have played on Merging with
the Night over and over and over again.
Wake Up Calls by Cosmo Sheldrake. Real bird songs with music added. The man is
a genius.
Matthew and Son by Yusuf/Cat Stevens. Our neighbourhood has a mini concert
series throughout the summer where musicians living in the area get to play.
Raven and Peter Hunter, (who if you ever get the chance to see them perform DO
NOT HESITATE to see them) sang an extraordinary version of Cat Steven’s
O’Caritas that had me scuttling home to listen to everything Cat Stevens.
Including Matthew and Son which is so simple but so perfect.
It Isn’t Nice by Barbara Dane and the Chambers Brothers. So hard to not play this
great civil rights track every show.
Nothing But A Heartache by The Flirtations. A new arrangement of this great
song is top of the pops and is a regular on the disco portion of my show.

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