WTJU Folk & World’s Best Albums of 2015

At the start of 2016, a few of our WTJU Folk & World announcers look back at some of their favorite 2015 releases.  To see each announcer’s list, click on the appropriate name below.

One folk album which came up more than any other was Rhiannon Gidden’s “Tomorrow Is My Turn” (Nonesuch).

Best Folk Releases of 2015
Alex Davis (Atlantic Weekly II)
George Dayton (Cosmic American Jamboree)
Peter Jones (Folk & Beyond)
Steve Kindig (Atlantic Weekly I)
Pete (Sunset Road)
Rebecca (Eclectic Woman Show)
Dave Rogers (Professor Bebop)
David Soyka (Jumpin’ on the Bed)
DJ JT & Monster of Happiness (Jumpin’ on the Bed)
One world album which came up more than any other was Amare Toure’s “1973-1980” (Analog Africa).Amara Toure 1973-1980

Best World Releases of 2015
John Bates (World Turning)
Steve Kindig (Radio Tropicale)
Craig Swingle (World Turning)

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