WTJU Community Voices – Charlottesville Salsa Club

The Charlottesville Salsa Club has been around for over two decades bringing people together through music, dance, and community. Alana Bittner, as part of WTJU’s Community Voices 2020 class, sat down with its founder Edwin Roa to understand how it all began.


WTJU’s Community Voices 2020 class was a pilot program intended for students to learn the fundamentals of audio recording and editing. In order to arrive at this complete feature piece, Alana was asked to research a topic, seek out guests, interview those guests, edit their interviews, write out scripts, record those scripts, and finally compile and distill everything together into this relatively bite-sized audio nugget it’s now in. Hats off to Alana on a job well done!

Future Community Voices classes will be announced on our website.

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