Vivian Leva and Riley Calcagno go track by track on Sunset Road, March 26


Vivian Leva and Riley Calcagno , one half of the wonderful young old-time band The Onlies, will stop by WTJU this Friday at 4 pm (est) to go track-by-track through their self-titled and freshly released recording on Free Dirt Records. The album follows Leva’s 2018 debut CD, Time is Everything , which garnered rave reviews from the likes of Rolling Stone, and last year’s critically acclaimed band release, The Onlies, filled with ‘fire breathing fiddle tunes’. The new album, produced by Grammy winning Cajun music legend Joel Savoy, builds on the duo’s old-time and classic country roots with ‘fresh iconic melodies, expanded production, and the tightly wound vocal harmonies of indie folk.’

Sunset Road is heard Friday afternoons from 4-6 pm (est) at 91.1 FM, streaming at, or by asking your smart speaker to “Play WTJU.”

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