The Classical Marathon: Day 1 Thursday, December 3

Thursday begins with an exciting musical trip to Kyle Chattleton’s home state of sunny California.  Following last year’s highly-successful program, ClassiCal, Kyle presents ClassiCal the Second, music from the Golden State.  Join him from 6-10 am – and bring your surfboard!

John Delehanty presents two shows on Thursday:  he will play music by modern female composers from 10 am until Noon, and returns at 2 pm with a program of Choral Works of the New Millennium, both of which will be fascinating.  Your special lunchtime treat will be provided by Tim Snider, who will present Brahms the Romantic from 12-2pm.

Allen Hench comes along at 4 pm to present a fanfare to the early evening with The Trumpet Shall Sound.  Greg Cox will be with us from 6-9 pm with a Divertimento Special: The Dream Ends:1900 Forward – a fascinating program of melodious music covering a period of revolution and change.  And at 9 pm Penelope and Thann Ward present Have Theme, Will Vary.  And Ralph Graves will take you through the night with sweet music for the late hours.

All in all, it will be a varied and fun day on Thursday!  We look forward to the pleasure of your company.

Want more information on the rest of the Marathon?

You can view the schedule with descriptions for each show here.

You can also download an overview of the schedule here.


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