• Ye Olde 2014 Top Ten

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    What a year for music…seems like the year that all the serious vets came out of the woodwork with great new albums that prove why they are still in the biz after all this time. Apologies to some of the up-and-comers also doing great work, but man-this was a packed year, musically. Let’s get into […]

  • Archived “Radio Freedonia” with Bob Nastanovich available till Dec 26

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    Indie rock legend Bob Nastanovich stopped by WTJU’s long-running rock show “Radio Freedonia” on Friday December 12th. The charter member of Pavement and Silver Jews is UVa Class of 1989 and was, unsurprisingly, a WTJU DJ. When Bob got to the station he immediately began rifling through the vinyl in the library, spinning some fave […]

  • Real Estate: Music to drive to

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    Album cover of Real Estate’s “Days” Growing up in the suburbs has given me plenty of opportunities to drive around. When staying at home starts to wear thin, and I realize there are only a few crumpled singles in my wallet that seemed much fatter yesterday, I’ll hop in the car, usually with a friend […]