The Silver Screen Soundtrack Hour – Randy Newman and “The Natural”

Robert Redford swings for the fence in “The Natural” (1984)

Randy Newman wasn’t well-known as a film composer in the early 1980s, despite picking up an Oscar nomination for Ragtime (1981).  But with his score for The Natural, Newman penned a score that beautifully complemented this iconic baseball movie.

Replete with jazzy period elements and Copland-influenced Americana, the score’s tentpole is an inspiration theme that threads throughout the movie, a theme that’s instantly recognizable to this day. 

You can enjoy a suite from The Natural on this week’s edition of The Silver Screen Soundtrack Hour, along with music from other notable sports movies, including Miracle, Remember the Titans, Hoosiers, and more. Join us for “The Wide World of Sports.”

Produced and hosted by Ken Nail, The Silver Screen Soundtrack Hour airs on every Thursday at 9 AM and 6 PM, plus Saturdays at Noon. Visit our Facebook page, or contact Ken on Twitter at @ken_classical.


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