The Silver Screen Soundtrack Hour – Michael Giacchino

Film music sets the mood and helps elicit the emotional responses that make a good movie a great movie. Each week on, The Silver Screen Soundtrack Hour takes a listen to music from the wide world of film scores.

Micvhael Giacchino

Michael Giacchino’s first compositional job was for – video games! After graduating from the school of visual arts in NYC, he moved to Los Angeles and began composing music for video games in the 16-bit era. As games became more elaborate, G continued in the field, eventually composing the music for the first 4 titles in the Call of Duty series, plus several other games.

Giacchino’s video game work caught the attention of producer and director JJ Abrams, and he composed music for him for the television shows Alias and Lost.

Enter director Brad Bird, who liked G’s work and hired him to pen the Oscar-nominated score for the Pixar hit, The Incredibles. From there it’s been onward and upwards for MG, with credits for 7 Pixar films, several films in the MCU, The Mission Impossible series, Star Trek reboots, and much more. Join us on this week’s edition of the Silver Screen Soundtrack Hour as we sample the film music of Michael Giacchino.

 Produced and hosted by Ken Nail, The Silver Screen Soundtrack Hour airs on every Thursday at 9 AM and 6 PM, plus Saturdays at Noon. Visit our Facebook page, or contact Ken on Twitter at @ken_classical.

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