Scanning the Dial

I admit it. I’m a radio geek. So it’s not surprising that I follow blogs and news sites that help me stay informed about all things radio.

If you’re at all interested in the state of classical music on the radio, then I strongly recommend the “Scanning the Dial” blog. It’s a nice blend of news, commentary and thoughtful editorials about the subject of classical music broadcasting.

The blog is maintained by Marty Ronish and Mike Jannsen, although there are occasionally other contributors. Ms. Ronish currently produces the Chicago Symphony broadcasts, and has an extensive background both in classical music and broadcasting. Mr. Jannsen is a professional writer and journalist, who has covered the public broadcasting beat (and worked in that medium).

Both bloggers are accomplished writers, and their posts are always informative and pleasurable to read.

So why should you check out “Scanning the Dial”?

I think it’s important to understand what’s happening in the broadcasting world, especially if you love classical music.

Personally, I think most of WTJU’s listeners take our station for granted. Letting the announcers program their own shows is not common. Nor is airing classical music during morning and afternoon drive time. Nor are early music shows, or programs like “A Time For Singing,” nor the Sunday opera, nor many of the other kinds of in-depth classical programming WTJU provides.

And it’s becoming increasingly rare at other stations around the nation. Even if you don’t subscribe to the blog, take a moment or two to scan some of the posts. I think you’ll come away with a greater appreciation of how unique the programming that you receive every day from WTJU is, and how remarkable that we can contiue to provide it to you day in and day out.

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