Salvatore Di Vittorio release not up to par

To me, this release is something of a puzzle. We have a composer conducting the orchestra he founded in a program of his own works. I enjoyed Salvatore Di Vittorio and the Chamber Orchestra of New York before. Their Respighi release is a knockout.

But not this. The compositions are fine. They’re well-constructed. Di Vittorio, a student of Resphigi’s music, knows how to orchestrate.

The problem lies elsewhere. There are times, especially in the opening tracks, when the strings seem to have serious intonation issues. Plus there are some imprecise entrances that really pulled me out of the moment.

I also think I heard a few fluffed notes in the lower brass during the Fanfara del Mare.

The ensemble also has a somewhat flat recorded sound. Details are a little obscured, which detracts from the music.

I won’t give up on Di Vittorio or the Chamber Orchestra of New York. But I have to say — to my ears, this release was a real disappointment.

Salvatore Di Vittorio
Sinfonias No. 3 “Templi di Sicilia,” No. 4 “Metamorfosi”
Kelly Hall-Tomkins, violin
Chamber Orchestra of New York; Salvatore Di Vittorio, conductor

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