Remembering Elizabeth Benzinger

As you may have heard, our good friend and former classical announcer, Elizabeth Benzinger, passed away on Christmas Eve at age 78, after a long illness.

A wonderful memorial service for Liz was held on Sunday, January 18, 2015 at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church in Charlottesville.  Our own John Delehanty gave a fine reading, and a number of our announcers attended.

A very special memorial edition of La Belle Musique, will be broadcast on WTJU on Tuesday, January 27, 6-9 am, hosted by Allen Hench who succeeded Liz as host.

Liz was well-loved by many people at WTJU and by many people beyond it, and she will be much missed.  Her warm, kind personality is something we will always remember.  And now, as Liz would say, it’s time to get on with more beautiful music.


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