Meet Corrinne James, the artist behind this year’s Rock Marathon t-shirt

WTJU’s 2021 Rock Marathon brings the goods from April 19 – 25. This year, we’re offering a bevy of thank-you gifts to our beloved donors — including a Rock Marathon mug, t-shirt, and poster.

And who is the artist behind this year’s design? It’s the supremely talented Corrinne James, an Alexandria native who came to Charlottesville to attend UVA, accruing numerous awards on her way to graduating with high distinction in Studio Art. Corrinne‘s art will be exhibited at New City Arts this summer, and she has screened her animated work at the Raindance Film Festival, the Montreal International Animation Film Festival, and several others.

Corrinne has also been on the Charlottesville music scene performing as Naomi Alligator and playing in bands like Orange Folder. WTJU Rock Director Nick Rubin asked her a few questions about her fabulous design for the 2021 WTJU Rock Marathon.

Nick Rubin: Do you think of this fantastic being as a butterfly, or…?

Corrinne James: Yes! It’s a butterfly playing the guitar on a sunny day.

2021 Rock Marathon poster, designed by Corrinne James

Rubin: Is there a connection with your design and the context (the WTJU Rock Marathon, that is)?

James: I associate WTJU with fun outdoor days in Charlottesville. The people I’ve met within the C’ville music community are really down to Earth people and it’s been so nice to hang outside and listen to/make music with them.

Rubin: What are your favorite activities besides art and music?

James: I love spending time outside with my dog. I watch a lot of movies and spend a lot of time outside in general. I wanna get a kayak so I can spend some time on the river.

Rubin: What are you working on these days, musically and fine-artistically?

James: Lots of music and animation stuff that’s going to be coming out in the fall. I’m also working on a claymation that I’m excited about. I like to write poetry too but it always ends up mixed into my music or my films.

Rubin: What (new or old) music are you listening to these days?

James: I’ve been listening to a lot of Ween, Hole, and Modest Mouse. When the weather gets warm I always end up listening to soooo much CCR, Buffalo Springfield, The Band and more.

Rubin: What’s exciting in your life these days?

James: There’s some exciting music stuff that will be coming out in the fall. I set up a new studio space and I love being inside of it. I get really excited about the summer in general so that’s making me feel happy. I’m excited to make work when I’m feeling the pressure sink down a bit. I wanna feel a bit more relaxed in my life.

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