Q&A: The Acorn Sisters’ Sarah White talks country music

With their ethereal and powerful voices, love of Grandpa Jones & Ramona, and long time friendship, the Acorn Sisters will remind you why you first fell in love with country music.

Come watch Sarah White and Siân Richards preform live with Roosevelt Dime on October 17th at the IX Art Park Stage and experience this dynamic duo for yourself.

Sarah was kind enough to correspond via email with WTJU’s Chiara Brown to answer a few questions:

WTJU: How did you two meet each other?

Sarah White: We both grew up in Charlottesville and just knew each other from school and life and stuff.

WTJU: What initially attracted you to the country music you guys cover?

SW: I grew up listening to and playing most of the songs that we play.  At some point, Sîan and I made a recording for a friend of ours that was moving away– that’s when we morphed into an actual singing act.

WTJU: How do you guys choose which songs/artists to cover?

SW: We just try them out and sing them and if we like how it sounds, we cover it!

WTJU: Sarah, I know that you’re also involved in another band, Sarah White & the Pearls, that has a pretty different sound. Can you talk a little bit about what it’s like to be involved with two types of music acts that are so different?

SW: From my perspective it’s all from the same cup of tea. My earliest foundations are in country and rock n roll music. There are country-like songs in the Pearls; and there are rock songs that the Acorns do in our style.  The Acorns however provides more of a real forum for the real old timey and gospel music that we like to sing.

WTJU: If you guys could meet any musician of the past or present, who would it be and why?

SW: Grandpa Jones and his wife Ramona.  We like to sing their harmonies.

WTJU: What can we expect from the Acorn sisters in the future? 

SW: Since I’ve moved to Richmond we have been playing a little less, but you never know when an Acorn might sprout up and start singing.


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