SAVE THE DATE: Cville Puzzle Hunt tickles your brain on Sat, Aug 27

Cville Puzzle Hunt is a citywide cerebral puzzle for you and your friends to solve. It’s like an escape room, but all of downtown Charlottesville is the room.

The event takes place Saturday, August 27, 1 – 5 p.m. It starts and ends at IX Art Park, with puzzles to solve at various downtown locations.

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Modeled on the Post Hunt in DC (back when the Washington Post used to do fun things), the Cville Puzzle Hunt will take you on a wild afternoon running around trying to untangle five diabolical, large-scale puzzles inserted into the urban landscape.

The Cville Puzzle Hunt is most fun with a team of your friends. Teams can be any size, but we suggest 3 – 6 people.

After preliminary announcements at 1 p.m., the Hunt kicks off with an opening clue at IX Art Park. Puzzles will take you throughout downtown Charlottesville, eventually landing back at IX Art Park for the End Game and Happy Hour.


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