Pumpkin Bread served up on WTJU, March 18

WTJU is thrilled to serve up Pumpkin Bread this Sunday afternoon, March 18, between 12 and 2 (edt) during Tell Us A Tale.  You can catch them later that evening at The Front Porch.

Pumpkin Bread is a 5-piece band based in Boston, MA that plays original folk music flavored with Celtic fiddling, spirited improvisations, and relentless groove. Brought together by their love for spontaneous music and baked goods, Pumpkin Bread began honing their sound in kitchen jams, pub sessions, and soup nights in the Boston area folk scene. With songs that range from pensive and heartfelt to driving and playful, every performance is dynamic and always gives you a sense of the band’s camaraderie and close knit friendship. Pumpkin Bread welcomes you to the party with the sounds of music and laughter.

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