Public Radio Music Day, November 10th

WTJU is a supporter of the second annual Public Radio Music Day, taking place on November 10, 2021, when there will be a nationwide celebration uniting public radio music stations, fans, and performers.

This year’s Public Radio Music Day is centered around Keeping Communities Connected and will highlight the contributions of public radio music stations during the COVID-19 pandemic to listening areas and artists of all genres.

On November 10, local stations across the country will celebrate Public Radio Music Day with a range of special activities, including: performances, virtual concerts, dedicated studio sessions, special programming, hand-curated playlists, and fan and artist stories.

Public radio music has played a dramatic role since early 2020 in keeping communities connected to local artists and musicians, even as stations confronted their own significant challenges in protecting the health of station employees and maintaining broadcast operations across on-air and digital platforms. In the midst of quarantines and times of uncertainty, public radio music has offered consistent emotional encouragement to their communities through their cultural connections, promoting well-being and unity while continuing to enable musical discovery. -Public Radio Music Day press release

WTJU is proud to be part of the public radio music community, bringing light and connection during dark times.

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