Pierre Bensusan at The Stage, Nov 11

French-Algerian guitar master Pierre Bensusan will stop by WTJU Friday afternoon, November 11, at 3 for a special session at The Stage which you can watch at WTJU’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. It will air at a later date on WTJU radio. WTJU is delighted to present Pierre at the Southern Cafe & Music Hall that same night.

“Pierre is one of my favorite guitarists. He has created a new way of playing and is the king of the DADGAD tuning.” – Michael Hedges

“Listening to Pierre’s music is rejuvenating. Beside his extraordinary touch and tone, the notes and melody appeal directly to the tender side of our human nature” – Steve Vai

“This is beautiful… Pierre is one of the GREATS!!!” – Tommy Emmanuel Cgp.

“Pierre Bensusan’s music is a true inspiration.” – Suzanne Vega

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