Pie-Eyed Preachers on Folk & Beyond, July 28

Philadelphia act Pie-Eyed Preachers will stop by WTJU this Thursday afternoon, around 4 (edt), for a visit to Folk & Beyond.  Later that evening you can catch the band at Ashland Coffee & Tea (details).

Pie-Eyed Preachers is an Irish-American folk rock group out of Philadelphia, PA. A band with deep roots in the musical traditions of Ireland and the US, this is music for those who work hard and play hard.

Originally formed in Nashville, TN by Boston native Matt B. on vocals and guitar, Pie-Eyed Preachers blends traditional tunes with their own fun and often haunting originals, every song as unforgettable as the last. With decades of experience between them, they know how to put on an intriguing and enjoyable show.

Founding member Matt B.’s voice was made for singing the stories of traditional Irish music, and his guitar accompaniment, along with the perfect foundation laid by drummer Whitey Ellis and Connor Basilici on bass, allow multi-instrumentalist Young Sam James to let loose on melody. In 2014, they released their debut album Bonesetter which was recorded in Nashville.

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