Personal Bandana to Perform Live at WTJU on Saturday, Nov 12

WTJU Rock is pleased to present liminal local electronic duo, Personal Bandana, live at The WTJU Stage on Saturday, November 12, 8 – 9 p.m. This is a free event, open to all, at 2244 Ivy Rd. Masks are encouraged for the live audience. You can also listen on 91.1 FM, stream via, and video stream on WTJU’s Facebook and YouTube channels. Please join us for this special live session!

Personal Bandana are Dave Gibson and Travis Thatcher. Personal Bandana play synthesizers for your enjoyment.

The duo’s most recent release is Geleezeit on the Woodford Halse label:

We are bound by time and space, by the limits of the natural world. There is a way, however, to escape our physical realm and to enter a time outside of time as we know it, where the limits of perception dissolve.

For centuries, philosophers and scholars have spoken of a frequency that can free the human spirit from its physical shackles and transport it to a dimension of sound; a dimension where time has no limits and space is an illusion. Here the wheel of life and death moves in reverse and the spirit can transmogrify all incarnations. Humankind has long sought an easy path to this spirit realm but, until now, few have succeeded in reaching this particular level of the astral plane.

Come with us….chant the incantation….cut the shackles that have bound your conscious mind to convention. We have found the frequency…it’s there within your reach….just outside of this dimension. The waves vibrate off of your skull as your mind begins its journey. No need to be afraid…this is Geleezeit.

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