• Host Profile: Nick Rubin

    Name: Nick Rubin Radio Name: Poubelle Show: Radio Freedonia, Saturday, 2 – 4 p.m. How long have you been a host at WTJU? Since summer 2004 Why should someone tune into your show in particular? I pretty much just want to share good vibes and a wide variety of good tunes that fit the day’s […]

  • Here’s what our rock DJs think you should listen to on Bandcamp

    The modern world affords us many opportunities to discover new music: Live shows, record stores. Zines, blogs, books. Social media. The algorithm. Radio.  In honor of this month’s Bandcamp Friday, which gives listeners the chance to support touring and recording musicians in a time where most can neither tour nor record, we’re offering you another: Recommendations from WTJU […]

  • 2019 WTJU Rock Top Tens!

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    Sharon Von Etten Amyl and the Sniffers Well! The end of the year finds the WTJU Rock DJs in a reflective mood – peruse their top tens – albums, singles, and concerts are all represented – and find your kindred spirits/arch nemeses! Rick Clark, “Radio Wowsville”: Remind Me Tomorrow Sharon Van Etten (Jagjaguwar) Triumph, getting […]

  • LISTEN: Celebrating the life of indie rock poet David Berman on Sat, Nov 16

    On Saturday, November 16, friends, alums, and community gathered at the Stage at WTJU to remember the life of David Berman. David was an indie-rock poet, leader of the band Silver Jews, and former WTJU DJ. He died on August 7. From 2 – 4 p.m., we aired two hours of David Berman’s music on […]

  • WTJU Rock 2018 Top Tens

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        The DJ’s have spoken! Featured below are our Rock DJ’s top 10 (albums or songs) of 2018. Occupying a handful of WTJU top 10 charts is Tierra Whack’s album “Whack World”. DJ Sister Pirate Jenny credits her album as, “the best 16 minutes of your year – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOTebhPy04g“. You have to check it out.   Nick […]

  • WTJU Rock 2017 Top Tens

    Here are the long-awaited top 10s (whether albums, singles, or shows) of 2017 from WTJU’s rock DJs!

  • WTJU Rock’s Best of 2014 Compilation

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    WTJU Rock DJs’ Top Tens of 2014 Dear Listener, please find below the links to individual rock DJs’ fave raves of 2014 – the albums, EPs, singles, mixtapes, reissues, live sets, and “moments” that got us off. Thanks for listening, and even more, thanks for keeping us on our toes. Individual lists: Baconfat Jack Sheridan […]