Lua Project at Offbeat Roadhouse

Date: 01/26/2024

Time: 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Lua Project will pull into Offbeat Roadhouse Friday night, January 26, for a concert which will also be broadcast on WTJU. They will serve up a blend of original and traditional music from Mexico, Appalachia, and the Atlantic Basin.

This is a free event, open to all. You can also listen to Offbeat Roadhouse on the radio (91.1 FM) or on-line, and even video stream it at WTJU’s Facebook page or YouTube channel.  But concerts always sound better with you as part of the studio audience.

Offbeat Roadhouse is supported locally by Ting – lightning-fast fiber internet for your home and business.

Lua is a cultural pollinator, bridging together musical styles from different continents and different centuries. They write about contemporary themes, about families, and communities, of work and loss, but draw on the musical traditions of their own cultural past.

The music is inspired by Mexican Son, Appalachian song forms, Jewish and Eastern European tonalities, baroque melodic ideas, and Scots-Irish narrative storytelling approaches. They have created a repertoire that constitutes a new traditional music that they hope to share with their children to experience, transform, and pass on.

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