New Jazz Adds – 8/2/2016

New Jazz Adds – 8/2/2016

Bobby Avey – Inhuman Wilderness (Inner Voice Jazz): Pianist/composer Bobby Avery’s “Inhuman Wilderness” presents eight original compositions, performed with no overdubs. The title automatically gives you a hint that this won’t simply be a set of ballads and the instrumentation shifts from quartet to solo depending on the selection. There are some definite steps to the “outside” musically, but there is always a search for balance and harmony in the resolution. This disc is a very worthwhile journey. Click here and scroll down to listen to samples of the songs on this disc. 

John Beasley – Presents Monk’estra, Vol. 1 (Mack Avenue): John Beasley’s Monk’estra is one of the most amazing tributes given to the compositional genius of Thelonius Monk. Beasley’s arrangements are true to the originals while expressing amazing potential and extension of the originals. In addition to Beasley’s piano and keyboards, the Monk’estra includes Bijon Watson, Jamie Hovorka, Brian Swartz, Gabriel Johnson, Mike Cottone and James Ford (trumpet); Wendell Kelly, Ryan Dragon, Lemar Guillary, Steve Hughes, Eric Miller, Steve Hughes and Paul Young (trombones); Bob Sheppard, Danny Janklow, Justo Almario, Tom Luer, Thomas Peterson, and Jeff Driskill (woodwinds); Benjamin J. Shepherd, Reggie Hamilton, and Rickey Minor (bass); and Terreon Gully, Gary Novak (drums); Joey De Leon (percussion); and special guests Gary Burton (vibes) and Gregoire Maret (harmonica). Click here to listen to the songs on this disc.

The Bosman Twins – When Lions Roar (Self-produced): The Bosman twins present 13 soul jazz originals. The band, led by Dwayne Bosman (flute, alto flute, alto and tenor sax) and Dwight Bosman (flute, soprano, alto, and bari saxes), features Eric Slaughter (guitar), Ptah Williams (piano, Fender Rhodes), Jeff Anderson (electric bass, double bass), and Montez Coleman (drums) and guests Daryl Darden (guitar), Longineu Parsons, Jr (trumpet), and Robert U Griffin, Jr (trombone) and Cheryl D.S. Walker (vocal). The music is quite melodious and the band gives a fluid performance, largely mellow, but with flares of fire. Click here to listen to samples of the songs on this disc.

Antonio Ciacca Quintet – Volare, The Italian American Songbook (Cellar Live): Pianist/composer Antonio Ciacca presents five originals and five covers, including the title song on this disc, with support from Paul Gill (bass), Peter van Nostrand (drums), Cory Weeds (tenor sax), and Benny Benack III (trumpet, vocals). The group swings and interacts with style and fluidity. The inclusion of vocals classics like “Stairway To The Stars” adds variety and enhances the club atmosphere, but to my ears the gems here are Ciacca’s compositions. This will certainly appeal to fans of flub style jazz. Click here to listen the songs on this disc. 

Tony Foster – Project Paradiso: Tony Foster Plays Ennio Morricone and Henry Mancini (Self-produced): Pianist Tony Foster presents his homage to these two iconic film music composers, seeking to demonstrate how both could and should be recognized as jazz composers as well. With the exception of “Mr. Mancini”, Foster’s original tribute to the great composer, all songs were composed by one of the two honorees. Foster is supported by Nate Parker (bass) and Joe Poole (drums) throughout. Some will more recognizable to film fans as they were most popular.  The trio plays well together and the performance succeeds in all aspects. Click here and scroll down to sample the songs on this disc.

Charlie Hunter – Everybody Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Mouth (GroundUp): Here’s a nice slab of funk go enough to make you feel that you can sashay all the down Frenchman with the best of them. Hunter (8-string guitar) is joined by Bobby Previte (drums), Kirk Knuffke (cornet), and Curtis Fowlkes (trombone) and the group covers blues, old time jazz, and the funk territory with quirkily wonderful aplomb. Good as they wanna be.  Click here to listen to songs from this disc.

Mike Jones Trio – Roaring (Capri): Pianist Mike Jones selected ten songs composed in the twenties and has given them a “modern” twist, transforming songs like “Yes, Sir That’s My Baby” into extended musical musical excursions through the melodic possibilities each song offers. Jones is supported by Katie Thiroux (bass) and Matt Witek (drums). Cool jazz and piano trio fans take notice. Click here to sample songs from this disc.

Golfam Khayam & Mona Matbou Riahi (Naqsh Duo) – Narrante (ECM): NAQSH is a Farsi word meaning ornamentation, form, figure or any other shape which is related to visual arts. This duo is dedicated to building a variety of sound tones or colors drawn from their knowledge of traditional Persian music and contemporary styles. The combination of Golfam Khayam (guitar) andMona Matbou Riahi (clarinet) formed this duo based on their combined love for the music of their homeland Iran and their desire to express it combined with aspects of the musical approaches they discovered while studying in other countries. The individual songs stand on their own, but were conceived as parts of a single work. The music is haunting and beautiful. Click here for a live performance. 

Andy Narell – DIS 1.4. RAF (Listen2 Entertainment Group): “After several years of collaborations with the great calypsonian Relator, The WDR Big Band, Trinidad All Stars, Sakésho, and three albums of steel band music with guest soloists, Andy Narell is back with a jazz album – a double CD featuring his Paris based quintet. CD#1 is all originals and features Cuban pianist Janysett McPherson, Cuban percussionist Inor Sotolongo, bassist Thierry Fanfant and drummer Gregory Louis from Guadeloupe. CD#2 is a set of duets with Janysett McPherson on piano.” (Andy Narell’s webpage) The personnel for this set includes Janysett McPherson (piano), Thierry Fanfant (bass), Inor Sotolongo (percussion), and Gregory Louis (drums) and, of course, Narell on steel pans. The music is crisp, rhythmic, and wonderfully melodic! The set itself is dedicated to Raf Robertson, Trinidadian pianist, composer, arranger, teacher and producer who died unexpectedly last December. Click here for a sample performance.

Ed Palermo Big Band – One Child Left Behind (Cuneiform): A quick look at this disc let’s you know it’s going to be a bit off the beaten path: the label loves kooky music, the majority of the compositions are Frank Zappa originals, and the the picture of the “One…Left Behind” features a young Ed Palermo in a fantastic red and white marching band uniform and a clarinet. As it happens, this band has been playing Zappa tunes for some 40 years and Ed Palermo’s compositions are heavily influenced by Zappa. Strangely, it works – in it’s own way. Coming to a half time show near you this fall? Click here to listen to songs on this disc. 

Joe Policastro Trio – Pops! (JeruJazz): “Pops” is the name of a champagne bar that specializes in fine champagne, food, and the Joe Policastro Trio playing jazz versions of pop songs. In addition to Policastro’s bass, the group features Dave Miller (guitar) and Mikel Avery (drums) and special guest guitarists Andy Brown and Andy Pratt in cameo appearances. Songs range from Bacharach and David’s “Wives and Lovers” to Neil Young’s “”Harvest Moon” to an upbeat version of the Bee Gee’s “More Than A Woman” , a double dose medley of Prince’s “Condition of the Heart” and “Diamonds and Pearls”. Some very mellow and solid playing here. Click here to listen to a few songs on this disc.

Markus Stockhausen & Florian Weber – Alba (ECM): Markus Stockhausen (trumpet, flugelhorn) and Florian Weber (piano) present an exquisite acoustic sonic journey on their second pairing. The opening sounds are as delicate as possible and the subtlety of the early changes are truly amazing. The dynamics do shift during some songs, but the majority of this disc is soft and delicate. The interplay is as amazing as any I have ever heard, whether intricate or sparse. They play the silence as exquisitely as the solos and duos. Click here and scroll down to listen to samples of the songs on this disc.

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