New Jazz Adds – 6/15/2015

New Jazz Adds – 6/15/2015

Tony Adamo & The New York Crew – Tony Adamo & The New York Crew (Self-produced): Self-defined jazz hipster / poet / rapper Tony Adamo has learned from the earlier masters (though not from Slim Gaillard, and now creates a jazz poet jive talker that honors more recent jazz sensibilities and styles while bouncing off of the platform built by Kerouac and company with a deep connection to the music and its more recent heroes and styles.  It does take some adjustment for those who have grooved on the earlier styles, but he IS on to something. Supporting musicians include Lenny White and Mike Clark on drums, Tim Quinnette on trumpet, Donald Harrison on alto, Richie Goods on bass, Michael Wolff on piano and Bill Summers on percussion.  There is also a guest spot by Jean C Santalis on guitar.  Click here for a sample of Adamo’s work.  Note: this song is NOT on the above disc!

Jack DeJohnette – Made In Chicago (ECM): Live performance by DeJohnette (drums) and this all-star group at the 2013 Chicago Jazz Fest. In addition to DeJohnette, the group includes Roscoe Mitchell (sopranino, soprano and alto saxes, baroque flute, bass recorder), Henry Threadgill (alto sax, bass flute), Muhal Richard Abrams (piano), and Larry Gray (bass, violincello) in a program of original compositions.  Here’s the background: In 1962, DeJohnette, Roscoe Mitchell and Henry Threadgill were all classmates at Wilson Junior College on Chicago s Southside, pooling energies and enthusiasms in jam sessions. Shortly thereafter Jack joined Muhal Richard Abrams Experimental Band, and Roscoe and Henry soon followed him. When Abrams cofounded the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians in 1965, DeJohnette, Mitchell and Threadgill were all deeply involved from the outset, presenting concerts and contributing to each other s work under the AACM umbrella. Jack brought them together again for a very special concert at Chicago s Millennium Park in August 2013, completing the group with the addition of bassist/cellist Larry Gray. This is their performance. Essential music, essential jazz history, but not for the faint  at heart!  Click here for authentication.

Andrew DiRuzza Quintet – Shapes And Analogies (Self-produced): DiRuzza is a guitarist, composer, and educator based in Iowa City. He composed all eight songs on offer here and is supported by Robert Espe (tenor), Michael Jarvey (keys), Blake Shaw (bass), and Marcelo Cardoso (drums). Solid interaction by all performers on these melodic and swinging compositions. Click here for a very brief live sample of the group.

Mathias Eick – Midwest (ECM): Norwegian composer/trumpeter Eick offers these eight original interpretations and celebrations of the American midwest and his feeling of kinship with Norway and the struggle, loneliness, and joys experienced by the early Norwegian settlers.  The compositions are highly melodic and are exquisitely performed by Eick on trumpet, Gjermund Larsen (violin), Jon Balke (piano), Mats Eilertsen (bass), and Heige Norbakken.  Click here for a live version of a song from this disc.

Kronomorfic – Entangled (OA2): “Kronomorfic is an ensemble dedicated to the exploration of polymetric time. The compositions develop multi-layered rhythmic phrases using interlocking melodies that evolve through rhythmic modulations and individual and collective improvisations.” (liner notes) The players include David Borgo (tenor, soprano sax), John Fumo (trumpet, flu gel horn), Anthony Smith (vibes, marimba, glockenspiel), Peter Sprague (nylon string guitar), Paul Garrison (electric guitar), Andy Zacharias (bass), Paul Pellegrin (drums) with a few guests.  Borgo and Pellegrin were the composers. An intriguing soundscape.  Click here for a sample from this disc.

Deborah Latz – Sur L’Instant (Self-produced): Veteran singer Latz tunes up with pianist Alain Jean-Marie and bassist Gilles Naturel to interpret nine jazz and pop classics, including Brubeck’s “Weep No More”, “Blue Monk” (Monk & Abby Lincoln), “Mr. P.C.” (Coltrane & Jon Hendricks), “Love Theme from ‘Spartacus’” and “Over The Rainbow”.  The trio setting is quite effective and Latz sings beautifully and expressively throughout. Click here for a sample song from this disc.

Greg Murphy – Blues For Miles (JazzIntensity): Pianist Murphy presents a full disc of original material and covers a bit of Davis, shifting his sound from solo to ensemble with accompaniment provided by Kush Abadey (drums), Tom DiCarlo or Eric Wheeler (bass), Josh Evans (trumpet), Ben Solomon (tenor) and Raphael Cruz (percussion). The disc is both a fitting tribute to Miles Davis and a solid outing in its own right. It covers a wide range of styles from contemplative to hard bop. Particularly nice work from Evans and Solomon in addition to Murphy.  Click here for a live version of title tune.

Jeb Patton – Shades & Tones (Cellar Live): Jeb Patton, pianist, arranger, and composer, puts it all together on this disc.  His melodic and rhythmic style is truly infectious.  Having expressed his love for arranging instrumental voices, Patton shifts settings from trio to quartet to quintet to sextet on this disc. He composed five of the songs on this disc and selected the remainder from Jerome Kern, Horace Silver, Cedar Walton, and others.  Supporting musicians include David Wong (bass), Elena Pinderhughes (flute), Michael Rodriguez (trumpet, flugelhorn), Dion Tucker (trombone), Dmitry Baevsky (alto), and Lewis Nash, Albert “Tootie” Heath and Pete Van Nostrand alternating on drums. Click here for a live performance by Patton. Note this performance is not on the above disc.  

Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra – The Thompson Fields (ArtistShare): Multi award winning jazz composer Maria Schneider’s new release was a ten year project that musically represent the natural and personal setting of southwest Minnesota not far from the area where Schneider grew up. Jazz orchestra composition and performance is a particularly tricky undertaking as it seeks to strike a balance between a fully composed work that retains the essentials of jazz stylings.  Schneider initially worked with Gil Evans as she began her career and now is considered to be one of the best jazz composers in the world.  Her 19 piece orchestra includes five reeds, eight brass players, accordion, guitar, piano, bass, drums, and percussion with soloists changing from one piece to the next depending upon the mood and image of the piece. Overall, this is a beautiful work featuring terrific solo and ensemble playing and brought to life by  a master composer and director.  Click here for an introduction to this new disc.

Michael Valeanu – Hard To Cook (Self-produced): This is guitarist Valeanu’s second release and features his melodic and fluid guitar with support from Jake Goldbas (d) and Jake Sherman (organ), with added vocals by Cyrille Aimee on two cuts.  This is a lovely offering featuring seven originals and three well chosen covers by composers Billy Strayhorn, Cedar Walton, and Irving Berlin.  Click here for an introduction to this disc.

Reggie Watkins – One For Miles One For Maynard (Corona): Trombonist Watkins identifies the initial highlight of his career as playing, traveling and recording with Maynard Ferguson.  His playing credentials beyond that are substantial, including gigs with Slide Hampton, James Moody, The O’Jays, The Temptations and The Dave Matthews Band. Watkins, who contributed three originals, has terrific chops and style and is accompanied by a terrific group of musicians, including Matt Parker (tenor, soprano sax, contributing two compositions), Rick Matt (tenor, soprano, bari sax), Steve Hawk and Ian Gordon (trumpets), Howard Alexander III (piano), Jeff Grubbs (bass), David Throckmorton (drums) and Carmelo Torres (percussion).  Other compositions include “Shhh” by Miles, “Chala Nata” by Ferguson,, and “Contemplation” by McCoy Tyner. Lots of variety and a great overall sound. Click here for a live performance of the opening tune on this disc.


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