New Jazz Adds – 4/16/2019

New Jazz Adds – 4/16/2019

Ron Brendle Quartet – A Tribute To The Bassists of Jazz, Vol. 1 (LoNote): After beginning his career as a guitarist, Ron Brendle was encouraged by Charlie Haden to switch to bass and this appears to be his first release in that mode. He selected eight songs composed by Haden, Ray Brown Dave Holland, Charles Mingus, Gary Peacock and Steve Swallow among others. The members of this quartet include Troy Conn (guitar), Keith Davis (piano) and John Spurrier (drums) with percussionist Chris Garges joining in on the final track. The interaction among the quartet is lively and wonderful throughout. Click here and click on the top two titles for samples from this release.

Ruben Caban – Shafted (Self-produced):  “In his performance career trombonist and composer Ruben Caban has toured and/or recorded as a sideman and soloist with an array of internationally renowned artists such as: Frankie Valli, Jon Secada, Raul Diblasio, Ed Calle, Nicole Henry, Dianne Shurr, Randy Brecker, Arturo Sandoval, Ira Sullivan, The Platters, The Stylistics, and The O’Jays, among others.” ( He obviously has a great musical sense and offers such “remakes” as “Shafts Of Sarcasm”, “E.T.” and “Vozaconfusion”. In fact, he composed or arranged all of the songs on the disc. Caban’s band is centered on Caban’s trombone and bass trombone and also features Antulio Mora, Peter Wallace or Cristian Cuevas (piano), Agustin Conti (bass), Rodolfo Zuniga, Carlo, Magno Araya  and Mike Piolet (drums), Diego Camacho (timbales), Erick Enrique Castanera (congas), Ismael Vergara (bari sax), Jesse McGinty (tenor sax), Francisco Dimas (trumpet) and Erick Enrique Castanara (congas, percussion). The music is high-spirited and infectious! Click here to listen to a segment of “Shafts Of Sarcasm”.

The Comet Is Coming – Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery (Impulse): “The Comet Is Coming are a London-based band who incorporate elements of jazz, electronica, funk and psychedelic rock. They are signed to The Leaf Label and released their debut EP “Prophecy” on limited edition 12″ vinyl on 13 November 2015, with the full-length album “Channel The Spirits” following on 1 April 2016. The band members go by the pseudonyms “King Shabaka”, “Danalogue The Conquerer” and “Betamax Killer” respectively.” ( This is their second full-length release. Danalogue plays an array of electronics, Betamax covers drums and rhythm and King Shabaka plays tenor sax and bass clarinet. Granny (violin) and Kate Tempest (vocal) join the group for “Blood Of The Past”. Click here to listen to “Summon The Fire”.

Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe – Gnomes And Badgers (Seven Spheres): Karl Denson is back on the scene and he offers a combination of funky rock’n’soul that centers itself on the rhythmic style of New Orleans and soulful funk sites. The personnel line-up is Denson (vocal, sax, flute, percussion); DJ Williams (guitar); Seth Freeman (guitar, lap steel); Chris Littlefield (trumpet); David Veith (Hammond B3, keyboards); Chris Stillwell (bass) and Zak Najor (drums) with special guests Ivan Neville (keys); Anders Osbourne (guitar); Lukas Nelson (guitar); Chuck Leavell (piano); and several others. Denson composed or co-wrote most of the songs and there’s one from Leo Nocentelli. Click here to listen to a song from this disc.

Vijay Iyer / Craig Taborn – The Transitory Poems (ECM): Pianists Vijay Iyer and Craig Taborn join forces for this live performance in the Liszt Academy in Budapest. The duo composed all but one composition, Geri Allen’s “When Kabuki Dances”, and that is woven into a set. Both players  interact with fire and beautiful technique. Click here to listen to a short sample of one of the songs on this disc.

Dan McCarthy – Epoch (Origin): Vibe player / composer Dan McCarthy offers six originals and enlisted the support of Ben Monder (guitar), Mark Feldman (violin) and Steve Swallow (bass) to create this wonderful performance. The blend of these wonderful musicians assures an amazing tone mix that will captivate practically anyone with ears. Jazz, folk and fans of melody will surely love this offering. Click here to listen to samples of two songs on this disc.

Roscoe Mitchell Orchestra – Littlefield Concert Hall / Mills College / March 19 – 20, 2018 (Hive): “Recorded March 19th and 20th 2018 in the Littlefield Auditorium, Mills College, where Roscoe has held the chair of composition, once held by esteem composer Darius Milhaud for over a decade. Encompassing intriguing instrumentation with full written orchestrations by Mr Mitchell this recording contains performance by many notable musicians and is of the highest quality both sonically and musically.” ( The disc offers four compositions all composed by Roscoe Mitchell who was reaching for performances in-between the rigors of strict composition and unpredictability of large group improvisation. I regret that I am unable to find a sample from this performance.

Yotam Silberstein – Future Memories (Jazz & People): Yotam Silberstein (guitar, vocal, percussion) offers six original compositions and one by bassist John Patitucci (also on the disc) on a beautiful and flowing collection of songs. Additional players are Vitor Goncalves (piano, accordion, keyboards, percussion) on five songs, Glenn Zaleski (piano, Fender Rhodes) on four songs and Daniel For (drums, percussion). Andre Mehmari adds synthesizer on three songs. This is an upbeat and flowing set that seems to compare with a beautiful spring day. Most of the tunes are lively and wonderfully up-lifting. Click here and scroll down for an introduction to this disc by Yotam Silberstein.

Paul Tynan – quARTet (Origin): This is trumpeter Paul Tyner’s thirteenth release and, in preparation, he asked several of his friends who are artists to allow him to study one of their favorite works in order to create his own musical expression of the works. Six of them make up the compositions on this disc. Tynan plays trumpet, flugelhorn and cornet and is accompanied by Dan Murphy (piano), Ashley Summers (bass) and Chris Baker (drums). The disc is joyful throughout and a grand expression of the interaction of art as an interpretation of life. Click here to listen to samples of two songs on this disc.

Willis Wilson – Conversations (Self-produced): “Conversations… is a new selection of music from the versatile Trumpeter, writer, composer, and producer Willis Wilson. Featuring a collection of musings across all genres Jazz, Funk, Latin, & World Improvisational music. Conversations…“ seeks to connect people where words fail.” ( Six of the seven songs on offer are original compositions and the final song features singer Traci Tota singing “Misty”. The other players are Jeremy Wilson (bass), Dave Dawson (drums), and William and Willis Williams (keys). The sound is smooth and infectious. Click here to listen to samples of the songs on this disc.

Ben Winkelman Trio – Balance (OA2): Pianist/composer Ben Winkelman offers his fifth release and it is quite fine. He states the he was been “developing a concept for piano trio that seeks an elusive balance between composition and improvisation, structure and spontaneity, ideas and emotions….looking for ways to feature the three instruments, not only as soloists, but as if they were a small orchestra, giving them parts that are integral to the compositions.” (Liner notes) He also looks to vary the styles of the compositions to add more variety to the overall performance. Winkelman is accompanied by Matt Penman (bass) and Obed Calvaire (drums).  Click here to listen to samples of two songs on this disc.


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