New Jazz Adds – 11/26/2019

New Jazz Adds – 11/26/2019

Angela on the Arts – within (Small World): Angela on the Arts – within (Small World): John D’earth (trumpet, flugelhorn, flutes, percussion) presents a free improvisation with Bonnie Gordon (viola) and Michelle Oliva (bass clarinet) with guests Brian Caputo (electronic percussion on one song), Kevin Eichenberger (double bass on three songs), Will Evans (trumpet on one song) and Jack Sheehan (soprano sax on two songs). The interaction among the players both compliments the theme and takes the music in new directions. The soundscape itself is quite varied: at times, delightfully accessible and at others quite challenging. The structure is like a conversation among colleagues with the intention of understanding and expanding the topic while also adding suggestions or new ideas or stopping to listen more. Ultimately, this is a search for consensus. Improvisation at its best. It’s no doubt fun for the players and the audience as well. If you missed them at WTJU at Offbeat Roadhouse, you surely want to catch them on the 6th! The UVA Music Library “Making Noise Series” presents Angela On The Arts on Thursday, December 6th 2018 in the Music Library in Old Cabell Hall. It appears that the trio will perform without additional players on that performance. Click here to listen to the songs on this disc.

David Friesen – Circle 3 Trio (Origin): “Creating sublime musical structures over the last five decades, where risk-taking, rhythmic rapport, and giving of oneself to the music are the essence, legendary bassist David Friesen’s music continues to reach new pinnacles of profound expression. On disc one, his long-touring, closely knit trio with saxophonist Joe Manis and drummer Charlie Doggett went into a Portland studio to record 13 new works by Friesen. Disc Two, with Manis and Australia-based drummer, Reuben Bradley, is a bristling live performance from Vienna’s Porgy & Bess jazz club during their Spring 2019 European tour.” ( Both sets offer wonderful ballads and pushing on the edge! Click here to listen to samples of two songs on this release.

Bill Hart Band – Live At Red Clay Theatre (BluJazz): “Live at Red Clay Theatre is the latest album from the Bill Hart Band. The album was recorded live in Atlanta in 2017 and is the artist’s sixth release to date.”( The players are Bill Hart (guitar), Pat Strawser (keyboards), Alex McGinnis (saxophone), Dwayne Wallace (bass), Steven Walker (drums) and Emrah Kotan (percussion). It appears that all of the songs are originals. The band has good communications and the sound is smooth with a touch of funk. Straight-forward mainstream sounds. Click here to see and hear a different live version of “Sara’s Song”.

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach – MidCentury Modern, Volume 2 (Windtunnel): Gabriel Mark Hasselwhite (trumpet, flugelhorn, flute, valve ‘bone, digital wind instruments, and voice) offers what appears to be his fifteenth release. He is a smooth player and he covers several styles. He is accompanied by Miles Black (piano, organ, bass) and Joel Fountain (drums), with guests Cory Weeds (sax, 1 song), Ernie Watts (sax, 1 song), Ford Lemon (electric bass, 1 song), Olaf DeShield (guitar, 1 song) and Laurence Mollerup (acoustic bass, 1 song). Smooth jazz that swings nicely. Click here to listen to samples of the songs on this disc.

Vincent Herring / Bobby Watson / Gary Bartz – Bird at 100 (Smoke Sessions): “Three of the most acclaimed voices of modern jazz: Vincent Herring, Bobby Watson, and Gary Bartz, an alto saxophone summit for the ages, celebrate the centennial of one of music’s most iconic figures, Charlie Parker.” ( The other players are David Kikoski (piano), Yasushi Nakamura (bass) and Carl Allen (drums) complete this stunning crew and demonstrate brilliantly why the Bird is so highly revered. Three of the songs are Parker’s compositions and, in addition, the group selected a wonderful set ranging from “Lover Man” and “April In Paris” to Watson’s “Bird-ish”, Herring’s “Folklore” and Jackie McLean’s “Bird Lives”. So fine! Click here to listen to samples of the songs on this disc.

Reid Hoyson Project – Natural Gifts (Self-produced): “A variety of original piano and guitar based jazz with the addition horn arrangements and solos as well as three vocals one of which includes a big band….The music is principally music from three great composers and musicians from Pittsburgh, Don DePaolis, Tony DePaolis, and Mark Lucas. There is something for everyone on this project from seven or eight piece to quartet to big band ensembles. The musicians are extremely talented and the recording is first rate.” ( The compositions range from Ellington and Monk to originals from Dan and Tony DePaolis. There are some really nice originals on offer as well. Click here to listen to samples of the songs on this disc.

Richie Kaye’s Space City Funtet – Blast-Off! (Self-produced): Let the count down begin! “This is an album of new compositions for voice, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, piano and bass, intended to accompany films, TV shows and commercials that haven’t yet been created. They’re playful and inventive and joyful and fun: music written to herald the new FutuRetro Age. We’re blasting off into the art of the future! Fondly reminiscent of the Space Age music of the 1950s, the music on this album recalls its mirth-making melodic ancestry. The players are Richie Kaye (voice, archtop guitar, archtop ukelele, whistle, whispers, wood block, Chinese bell, small gong, homemade chac-chac, chopsticks, aerosol spray, ice machine, cellphone audio recorder, trashcan lid, senior hay ho), Tony LaVorgna (alto saxophone), Ernesto Vega (tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute), Thomas Helton (string bass, tuba) and Sam Kuslan (piano, junior hay ho).” Click here to listen to songs from this release.

Edgar Knecht – Personal Seasons (Ozella): “A turning point for one of Europe’s most creative jazz pianists: Knecht has expanded his trio into a quartet for two unique seasonal cycles. Personal Seasons never fails to deliver on what fans have come to expect from pianist Edgar Knecht and his band: Sensual grooves, magical, melodic soloing and a unique fusion of jazz, classical music and German folk songs. At the same time, it is easily Knecht’s most ambitious album yet, encompassing two complete seasonal cycles. To realize his vision, he boldly decided to expand the group into a quartet. Trumpet player Frederik Köster turned out to be the ideal choice.” ( This release is exquisitely engaging and played. Click here and scroll down to listen to samples of the songs on this disc.

Ricky Parrell – Ricky Parrell (Keys To My Life): “A native of the Washington D.C. area, Ricky grew up in a home full of music. It was this rich foundation of music that led him to study music of all genres and become a talented performer and engaging saxophonist comfortable in any performance venue. Ricky is a member of one of the premier military bands in Washington and also serves as adjunct professor of saxophone at Northern Virginia Community College.” ( Click here to listen to samples of the songs on this disc.

Charlie Porter – Immigration (OA2): “We live in a time of profound polarization on the subject of immigration. Paradoxically, with the exception of Native Americans and people forcibly displaced to the United States through slave trades, every person in the United States has immigrant roots…. Immigration Nation is contemporary art with a purpose. It carries a two-fold message: a celebration of the United States’ rich immigrant history, as well as recognition and empathy for current immigrant struggles. Since its inception, the American-born jazz idiom has always welcomed the diversity of its multi-cultural constituents.” ( Trumpet player / composer Charlie offers a two part set acknowledging the two main aspects of immigration: “Leaving Home” and “New Beginnings” and reminding us of their many contributions, including the formation and development of jazz itself. Porter composed all of the songs on this disc and Jacob Miller helping to create lyrics for “Second Chance”. Other players are Nick Biell (tenor sax), Oscar Perez (piano), David Wong (bass) and Kenneth Salters (drums) with Sabine Kabongo providing vocals on “Second Chance”.  Click here to listen to samples of the first songs on this disc.

The Session – Collusion (Bubble Bath): This is The Session’s third release and it features Jasen Weaver (bass), Steven Lands (trumpet), Andrew McGowan (piano), and Darrian Douglas (drums). The group met while performing as part of Jason Marsalis’ Vibes Quartet and quickly became a unit. All of the songs are originals – four by McGowen and three each by Lands and Weaver. There are several occasions when el.etronic effects are used as well. Overall, the sound is rather unique, sometimes straight ahead and others on sideways. “Drummer E.J. Strickland cites The Session’s strength as their ability to dive into a sensitive soundscape, use space, and really groove!” ( I regret I am unable to find a sample from this disc.

Michael Zilber – East West: Music For Big Bands (Origin): Two big bands: one in New York and the other in San Francisco. Each is led by composer/tenor sax player Michael Zilber and each has a relatively similar organization: New York Band: Bruce Williamson and Todd Bashore (alto sax); Tommy Morimoto (tenor sax); Jay Rattman (baritone sax); Frank Greene, Alex Norris, Freddie Hendrix and Chris Rogers (trumpets); Doug Beavers, Alan Ferber, Beserat Tafesse (trombones);  Max Seigel (bass trombone); Mike Holober (piano), John Benitez (bass) and Marko Marcinko (drums);  and San Fransisco Band: Sheldon Brown and Larry DeLacruz (alto sax); Michael Zilber and Dawn Zinn (tenor sax); Rob Sudduth (bari sax);  Erik Andrews, Mike Olmos, Max Miller-Moran and Erik Jekabson (trumpets); Doug Beavers, Jeff Cressman and Jon Hatamiya (trombones); Rich Lee (bass trombone); John R. Burr (piano); Dan Feiszli (bass); Jeff Marrs (drums); Jeff Masanari (guitar) and Joe Bagale (vocals). Each band has its own setlist. Click here to listen to samples.


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