New Blues & Soul News – 11/9/2015

New Blues and Soul News – 11/9/2015

New Blues Adds:

Chris Beard – Eye Of The Witch (Destin): Blues singer/guitarist/songwriter Chris Beard is a second generation bluesician who has followed in the steps of his father Joe Beard and seemed to be well on his way as a star of the blues.  Along the way, he has crafted his individual style, now even more distinctive as a result of his own affliction and recovery from a major stroke. Beard also wrote half of the songs on this disc. His voice has a slice of grit that he has earned and his guitar adds bite. The rest of the band includes bass (Marvin Parker, Glenn Beard, and Carlton Campbell rotate), drums (Carlton Campbell or Kenny Kahler), rhythm guitar (Brother Wilson or Mark Kachmaryk and Joe Beard who also sings on “Older Fool”), keyboards (Jonathan Tucker, TJ Dowdell Sr, Carlton Campbell or Steve McNally), and horns by Quinn Lawrence. Click here to listen to the title song. 

Eric Bibb & JJ Milteau – Lead Belly’s Gold (Stony Plain): Folk/blues man Eric Bibb was introduced to the music written and performed by Huddie “Lead Belly” Ledbetter by his father and as a tribute to his father and the music that flooded his childhood, Bibb has joined forces with harmonica player J.J. Milteau, drummer / percussionist Larry Crockett, and a cast of other guest players to create this collection of songs associated with the man himself and a few extras that relate to the times. While Bibb does not attempt to impersonate Leadbelly’s voice, he and his comrades do create a sound and style that honor the great blues man’s own. Songs include “On A Monday”, “Goodnight, Irene” and “Bourgeois Blues”, as well as “Stewball” and “House of the Rising Sun” and “Rock Island Line” and new songs honoring the tradition and man, such as “Swimmin’ In A River of Songs”.   The disc should definitely take you back to the sound of the old folk revival of the 60s. Click here to listen to Bibb and company sing “Goodnight, Irene”. 

Crooked Eye Tommy – Butterflies & Snakes (Crooked Eye Tommy): Brothers Tommy and Paddy Marsh are the heart and soul of this blues rock group: both sing and play guitar (even dual guitar on a song) and all of the songs here were composed by one or the other. The band is tight and plays in a straightforward and mostly blues-inflected style. Band members include Glade Rasmussen (bass), Tony Cicero (drums) and Jimmy Calire (sax, piano and B3) with guest spots by Bilhou (B3), Jesse Siebenberg (steel), and Becca Fuchs and Dan Grimm (backing vocals). The lyrics cover a lot of ground from “stealing the blues” to social comment on topics like religion, the economy, and frustration with the government.  Click here to listen to a sample from the disc.

Billy Gibbons & The BFG’s – Perfectamundo (Concord): Remember ZZ Top and their ever crazier blues rock?  Well, nothing’s changed. Billy Gibbons is back and in the words on the disc case, “BFG takes his bluesy guitar on a virtual voyage through Havana…resulting in some thoroughly intriguing sonic territory. A little Spanish, a little English, and a whole lotta “Slanguish” …way-out expression of Gibbon-ized, cross-cut, blues-rock stylings….” Songs range from “Baby Please Don’t Go” to “Quiero Mas Dinero” to “Treat Her Right” (yes, the Roy Head song) – all with the strongest musical “slanguish” Gibbons can muster. Gibbons play guitar, bass, B3, piano and sings with support from Alx “Guitarzza” Garza (vocals, bass), Mike Flanigin (B3), Martine GuiGui (piano, B3), Greg Morrow (drums), Joe Hardy (guitar, keys, bass, vocals), and Gary Moon (guitar). Click here to decide for yourself just how “perfectamundo” this disc could be!  

New Soul Adds:

Various Artists – Southern Soul Party – Blues Mix 18 (Ecko): This collection of the soul blues mix that fills the room with a highly danceable fix, particularly if you’re looking for the medium tempo style. The sound is smooth and synthetic (but it does sound like real horns this time out). The cast of singers includes O.B. Buchana (2 songs), Jaye Hammer (2), Donnie Ray, Ms Jody, LeAundra Lively, David Brimstone, Clayton Knight (2 songs), Sheba Potts-Wright, and Carl Sims.  Click here to listen to Ms Jody with the top tune this go ‘round. 


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