New Blues, Soul and Gospel Adds – 10/28/2014

New Blues News – 10/28/2014

Blues Adds:

Altered Five Blues Band – Cryin’ Mercy (Omnivibe):  Polished blues and soul band from the midwest with Jeff Taylor, whose sand paper edged vocals give a nice edge to a style that sounds like a blend of Jimmy Witherspoon and BB King without the shout.  The band features Jeff Schroedl (g,vox), Mark Solveson (b,vox), Scott Schroedl (d), and Raymond Revich (keys) and their style is smooth, swinging and well-blended somewhat reminiscent of the early sound of Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters.  All songs are originals.  Click here for a live version of the disc’s opening song. 

Popa Chubby – I’m Feelin’ Lucky (Cleopatra):  Blues rocker Popa Chubby (g, vox) opens his new disc with a terrific duet with Dana Fuchs, who sounds like a reincarnated Janis Joplin, and then proceeds to take us on a varied tour of blues styles, including jump blues, Chicago blues, even a slice of funk, and lots of blues rock. He wrote or co-wrote all but one of the songs (“Rollin’ N’ Tumblin”) and is supported by Chris Reddan (d), Dave Keyes (keys), and Francesco Beccaro (b).  The group is tight and the music is straightforward, but the opener with Fuchs really steals the show.  Click here fro a live performance by Popa Chubby.   This performance is not on this disc.

Magic Slim & The Teardrops – Pure Magic (Wolf)This is the straight-up, in-your-face blues!  Not blues rock, not soul blues, but the core sound of Chicago-style blues, AND it is ALL LIVE!!! For those unfamiliar with this sound or the classic electric, pre-blues rock interpretation, outside of a deep tutorial on Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, Little Walter, etc., you can start right here and work your way back if you can take it!  In addition to Magic Slim (g, vox), the band features Nick Holt (solid bass), Earl Howell (d), and John Primer (2nd guitar) with some of the greatest live blues you could hear!  This is AT the core!  Sadly, Magic Slim passed slightly over a year ago, but this recording is part of his amazing legacyA certified Professor Bebop “Blues Wax – Devoid of Cracks”!  Click here for a live performance by Magic Slim.  Note this performance is somewhat more recent than the material on the disc as Slim’s declining health required him to sit.

Mulebone – Keep On Movin’ (Red Tug):  This intriguing disc begins with a sound reminiscent of the north Mississippi hill country and then proceeds to showcase a number of different styles and shades, mostly composed by guitarist, singer, banjoist, harp player, “boot board” player Hugh Pool with support from band mate John Ragusa on various flutes, fife, tin whistle, pocket trumpet and addition vocals.  Ragusa’s flute, at times, recalls the bluesiest work on Jethro Tull’s 1st LP and the pocket trumpet of Olu Dara.  The music is both basic and multi-textured, but always with a blues base.  Recommended for fans of folk blues, acoustic blues, world blues, and electrified blues. There’s a touch of tradition and a reach beyond.  A certified Professor Bebop “Blues Wax – Devoid of Cracks”!  Click here for a sample.  Click here for a self-produced promo for this disc Both songs are on this disc.

Soul Adds:

Budos Band – Burnt Offering (Daptone):  The funky Budos Band sets the stage for Halloween with this new metal infused disc.  The band composed all of the songs modeling them after the heavy hitters of yore – think Iron Butterfly without psychedelics or Uriah Heep or whichever super heavy metal band from the 70s without vocals but with brass and you’ve pretty much got it. Lots of fuzz and haunting, funeral organ to keep you in the mood.  Click here for a sample.

Various Artists – Blues Mix 14: Total Soul Blues (Ecko):  Ecko has been doing promotional mix releases so that radio stations can get a listen to the variety of artists on the label and people who prefer a particular style can pick up an appealing sample and perhaps introduce them to new performers.  This release is targeting the dance set, but understand I am referring to the smooth, uptown-ish soul blues – the slightly out-of-town disco-influenced “soul-blues”.  The best known performers are Jaye Hammer (“I’m A Booty Freak”), O.B. Buchana, Ms. Jody, and Barbara Carr (“If The Lord Keeps You Out Of My Head…I’ll Keep Your Booty Out Of My Bed”) and there is at least one hidden lyrical gem (Sonny Mack).  Slick music for dancing, so check it before you make decide on your first dance!  Parental Guidance recommended!

No new gospel adds this week (but it is Halloween on Friday).


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