New Blues & Soul Adds – 4/5/2016

New Blues & Soul News – 4/5/2016

New Blues Adds:

Corey Dennison Band – Corey Dennison Band (Delmark): Corey Dennison not only co-wrote all but two of the songs on this disc, but he plays solid guitar and has a voice big enough to fill any room or attitude. This is a blues band, but Dennison injects some country funk to most of the songs here and the party is ready to start! The rest of the band includes Gerry Hundt (guitar, organ, and writer/co-writer of all of the songs on the disc); Nik Skilnik (bass); and Joel Baer (drums). That’s it: BIG voice, some attitude, a big sense of humor, and a grand desire to party on. BTW, Dennison was the Rhythm guitarist for Carl Weathersby before starting this band! Click here to listen to the opening song on this disc.   

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals – Call It What It Is (Stax): Ben Harper returns to disc with yet another stylistic face, but there is significant variety here: love, anger, politics, uncertainty, introspection, even whimsey. Harper sings, plays guitar, and wrote or co-wrote everything on the disc. The remaining “Innocent Criminals” are Juan Nelson (bass, background vox); Leon Mobley (percussion, background vox); Oliver Charles (drums, background vox); Jason Yates (keys, guitar, background vox); and Michael Ward (guitar, background vox). The key to this disc is in its lyrics: its pondering, reflection, and emotion. Click here to listen to a live version of the title song on this disc.   

Jeff Jensen – Live: The River City Sessions (Self-produced): Let’s just start where the heat is: Jeff Jensen is a guitar MONSTER! He wrote most of the songs performed on this disc and he can sing with a fury at times, but that guitar covers the universe! This is a live performance by Jensen’s trio – Bill Ruffino on bass and Robinson Bridgeforth on drums in support – and, had you been there, it would have been one of those gigs you would talk about with your friends for a long – loooooong- time! Real fine!!!!  Click here to listen to an earlier live version of a song on this disc.  

Ilana Katz Katz – Movin’ On (Self-produced): Ilana Katz Katz covers a wide range of material from blues to jazzy r&b to originals all filtered through old-time Appalachian traditions of fiddling and singing.  There is some additional variety here as various guest musicians rotate in and out of the proceedings. They include Cedric Watson (gourd banjo, vocals, washboard, bass, fiddle); Bobby Radcliffe (guitar); barry Leveson (guitar); Dave Moore and Mike Sandberg (drums); Daniel Sanda (hand drum); Geoff Wright and Hank Van Sickle (bass); and Chas Justus (guitar). The disc will certainly appeal to fans of old time music with a twist, but should appeal to old time blues fans as well. Click here to listen to an original song from this disc.   

New Soul Adds:

Ezra John Hamilton – Follow Me (Self-produced): Hamilton should be no stranger to anyone who gets out to see music in Cville. This is his first EP and it features the polished and soulful music that he has consistently performed. His smooth singing is at the center of each song and each song is tightly constructed. Hamilton credits David Tangamo (bass) throughout and is joined by Jay Pun (guitar), Morwenna Lasko (violin), and Jonathan Ricciardi (wah guitar) on two tracks. He doesn’t credit his own instruments, but obviously he is responsible for the rest of the music. The highlight, “Rise Above”, is truly benefits from the fuller band contributions and has more than a hint of Stevie Wonder’s influence. Click here to listen to a performance of the opening track on this disc.   


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