Ruth Wyand – Guitar Routes (Mojo Records) – Ruth Wyand is a Journey Woman of the blues and an East coast treasure, as she is based out of the Outer Banks, NC. She has spent a lifetime learning, listening and performing the blues and incorporates Delta, Piedmont, slide, fingerpicking and even some rock to perform her version of the blues. I enjoyed listening to her for years as a one women band (she can sing, play guitar and foot drums at the same time at gigs). Ruth writes many of her own songs but I think her strong point is her historical representations of the greats of the blues like Etta James, Blind Blake, Robert Johnson, Son House and Skip James. This is not the typical acoustic strumming musician to support the vocals. Ruth has some real skills on guitars and a great voice and musical talents to round things out. Although I would much rather hear Ruth singing as she plays guitar, I think this is Ruth’s nod to those amazing musicians of the past with this instrumental album of blues guitar styles. I think my two favorites are Maple Leaf Rag and the last song on the album, Windy and Warm. I would give this CD an 8 for Blues content and an 8 for music content.

Dyer Davis – Dog Bites Back (WildRoots Records) – Dyer Davis is young singer and guitarist that has an old soul and a lifetime of music in his head. He started off at an early age (father was a musician) listening to rock, blues and soul and you can hear that in this very diverse album. Dyer starts the album off with a Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart tune “Let Me Love You” but he dabbles in Soul (“Lifting My Soul”) and slow rock ballads (“Angels Get the Blues”). I think my favorite on this CD is the straight-ahead Blues/Rock title song, Dog Bites Back. Great growling guitar and raspy vocals (reminds me of Daughtry) creates a nice flow of music throughout this CD. The added plus is that Dyer has Grammy nominated Victor Wainwright throughout this CD adding some great piano licks. Dyer’s band is solid and creates a great platform for his voice. I would give this CD a 7 for Blues content and an 8 for music content.

Reviews done by Juke Jackson, so don’t blame the station!!

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