New Blues News – 7/19/2016

New Blues News – 7/19/2016

Bonefish Johnny – Sings The Blues (Neverglades): Journeyman blues singer / rhythm guitarist Bonefish Johnny with Jeff Renza (bass, drums) and Bob Taylor (keyboards, percussion) release what appears his second disc. The sound is rockin’ blues of the style reminiscent of the blues and boogie bands of a couple of decades ago who were “keeping the blues and boogie and old rock and soul” alive.  This band also has the sonic feel of Southeastern Coastal bands. There are a number of guest additions on the recording, including Albert Castiglia, JP Soars, David Shelley, Jack Shawde, Billy Vasquez and Raiford Starke (lead guitar); Nicole Yarling (vocals), Kilmo Doome (bass), Cadillac Chuck (harmonica), Jeff Watkins and Tom McCormick (sax), Doug Michels (trumpet), and Jason Pyle (trombone). There are some witty lyrics and good times available here.  Click here to listen to the songs on this disc.

Isaiah B. Brunt – A Moment In Time (Self-produced): Brunt has released a couple of discs prior to this one. He wrote, sings and plays guitar on all of the songs on offer and is supported by George Porter, Jr (bass), Doug Belote (drums), Mike Lemmler (keys) and, on most songs, by Jeffery T Watkins (sax), Ian E Smith (trumpet, trombone, flugelhorn), James Evans (clarinet) and Tuba Steve (sousaphone). The sound is bluesy, but with the laid back sound that is more frequently heard on older R&B with a slightly heavier leaning toward the blues and a pinch of folk, ole time jazz and funk. This is not a disc for those looking for a “crash and burn” sound. Click here to listen to the songs on this disc.

Les Copeland – To Be In Your Company (Earwig): Veteran singer/guitarist Les Copeland is heralded as one of British Columbia’s best blues artists and has dedicated himself to sharing his own compositions and great classic folk blues since he was barely a teenager. Half of the songs on this disc are Copeland originals, with an interesting mix on non-originals, such as Henry Townsend’s “Why We Love Each Other” and Jelly Roll Morton’s “Whinin’ Boy” and more modern songs from Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot, Billy Joe Shaver, and Ray Davies. And, it’s all Copeland except for a couple of songs when he has vocal support. Click here and scroll down to listen to samples of the songs on this disc.

The Lucky Losers w/ Cathy Lemons & Phil Berkowitz – In Any Town (Dirty Cat): This is the second disc by this San Francisco duo and their soul/roots rock/blues musical gumbo. Nine of the eleven tunes are originals, mostly by singer Cathy Lemons or singer/harp player Phil Berkowitz. The band, including Marvin Greene (guitar), Chris Burns (keyboards), Tim Wager (bass) and Robi Bean (drums), is a tight, cut to the core without too many frills outfit and Berkowitz’s harmonica is certainly a high point. Guest musicians include Kid Andersen (guitar, bass, Fender Rhodes) Terry Hanck (tenor sax), Frank Goldwasser and Jeff Jensen (guitar), D’Mar (drums), Lisa Leuschner Andersen (backing vocals), Michael Peloquin (tenor, bari sax), Mike Rose (trumpet) and Mike Rinta (trombone).  There is a lot of rocking musical variety here and the band covers the range solidly throughout. Click here and scroll down to sample songs on this disc.

Clarence “The Blues Man” Turner – The Caster Blaster (Self-produced): DC bluesman Turner has been filling dance floors all around the nation’s capitol for several years now with his guitar and vocals and his reputation as a bluesman continues to grow. This is his third release and it contains seven originals, three covers from Willie Dixon, Ray Charles, and Chuck Willis, and lots of upbeat guitar. Turner has a declarative, almost shouting vocal style and his guitar sound is direct and hard, the band is tight, and they’re ready to fill the dance floor. HIs band includes Sean Graves (drums), Charles Pearson (keyboards), Gene Meros (sax), Gary Hendrickson (trumpet), and David Satterwhite (bass). Let the good times roll! Click here to listen to samples of songs from this disc.


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