New Blues News – 6/10/2015

New Blues News – 6/10/2015

LIVE Blues on TJU’s Lambeth Live!

June 12 – Johnny B & The Goodes (Johnny Bishop on harp, Matt Kelley on guitar, Steve Riggs on bass, and Drex Weaver on the drums)

June 19 – Red Rooster (early country blues)

“Lambeth Live” broadcasts from 8:00 – 9:00 on Friday evenings. Listen on 91.1 or or come on down to Lambeth commons (the outer room of the home of WTJU) and catch it in person!  Free admission!

New Blues Adds:

John Cocuzzi – Ding Dong Daddy (EllerSoul): Here’s a batch of fun!  Jazzy, bluesy, oldies, newies, and great piano, organ, vibes, and vocals (John Cocuzzi), drums (Frank Cocuzzi), bass (Paul Keller), guitar (Jerry Krahn) and reeds (Dan Levinson), with a guest acoustic guitarist Kevin McKendree.  The songs?  Blues like “That’s Alright” and “Reconsider Baby”, jazz like “Come Sunday” and “Swanee River Boogie”, oldies like “Tennessee Waltz” and “Ballin’ The Jack”, and newies like “Just Call Me” (about cell phones) and the health-wise and hip “Kambucha Boogie”.  These guys are truly solid players and there are some very righteous instrumental turns, but they make this material completely their own by playing within themselves. They are swingers, not frantic hipsters.  They keep things on the cool side, but what a nice glide!  Click here for a live performance by the band. Note: this song is not on this disc.

Travis Haddix – It’s My Time Now: The Best Of Travis Haddix (Blues Critic, CDS): No longer identifying himself as “Moonchild”, Haddix presents an overview of his recordings from the past 15 years. Three, including the crowd-pleaser “Two Heads Are Better Than One”, have been re-recorded for this disc and Haddix has included one new song, “Go On From There With Prayer”.  This is party music: mostly uptempo and filled with double entendre or just direct plays on words related to relations, sometimes meaning relatives. PG rated. Click here to listen to a song from this disc.

The JC Smith Band – Love Mechanic (Cozmik): Drummer turned guitarist/singer Smith fronts this popular local Bay Area blues band and contributed five originals, including the title tune, to this varied set. He is backed up by Robert Green (b), Abraham Vasquez and David Sandez (sax), Donnie Green (d), Tommy Maitland (trumpet), Todd Reid (keys), and Gene Reynolds (trombone).  Like the title tune, the up tempo songs are the most successful, though there is an interesting slow blues shuffle version of “Cold Sweat” (yes, that one). The set is rounded out with several  blues covers, including “Yonder Wall”, “Last Night”, “Talk To Me Baby”, and Colin James’ rockin’ “Rocket To The Moon”.  The band is tight, but the vocals are a drawback.  This group is no doubt much better in person. Click here for some evidence!

Charles Wilson – Sweet & Sour Blues (Blues Critic): Soul and blues singer Charles Wilson has been performing and recording on a variety of labels for the soul / blues audience for nearly 25 years. His voice is large and has a cutting edge on this release filled with twelve original songs from Travis Haddix who also plays guitar throughout the disc. Standouts include “Clean Out Of Love”, “Getting Old, The Alternative”, “Old Fashioned Justice” and “2 Steps From A Lie”.  In addition to Haddix, Wilson is supported by a full band including Ed Lemmers (b), Brian Hager and Mike Calhoun (g), Gil Zachary and Don Williams (keys), Jeremy Sullivan (d), Jeff Hager (trumpet), David Ruffin (tenor), Norm Tischler (alto), and TJ Forunato (bari). Click here to listen to a sample song.




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