New Blues News – 4/28/2015

New Blues News – 4/28/2015

New Blues Adds:

Isaiah Brunt – Just The Way It Goes (Self-produced): Australian producer and sound man Brunt shares his love of blues with this set of nine original songs featuring his singing and guitar and backup support from bassist Richard Bird, drummer Mark Whitaker, and keyboard player Mike Hood.  His style is laid-back and melodic and his plaintive voice enhances the blue tone of the music, which relies on its overall simplicity and tone for effect. The presentation of words, voice and instruments create an inviting, if melancholy, after-hours sound.  The blues of reflective regret rather than all out pain and agony. Click here to hear the title song from this disc.

Michael Falzarano – I Got Blues For Ya (Hypnotation/Woodstock):  Singer/guitarist Falzarano has been around for quite a while and, in addition to his teaching blues workshops at Jorma Kaukonen’s Fur Peace Ranch, he has performed with Hot Tuna and New Riders of the Purple Sage.  The mostly original music is solid, journeyman, blues-based rock & roll.  There’s no pyrotechnic display here, there is a steady groove and musical support from Kane Daily (g), Professor Louie (keys), Kerry Kearney (g) and guest spots from Vassar Clements (fiddle) and a host of others, many of whom are associated with the Woodstock area.  It won’t set the house on fire, but it is like having your own jam right there in your own back yard and the party could last all night. The live performance of “Death Don’t Have No Mercy” is especially nice.  In fact, click here so you can listen to it!

Billy Hector – Old School Thang (Self-produced): Veteran singer/songwriter/guitarist Billy Hector’s current release features his long-term co-players Sim Cain (d) and Tim Tindall (b), augmented on some tunes by Winston Roye taking over on bass, David Nunez (keys) and occasional brass, providing a nice variety of sound to the collection.  This set is a mix of blues rock, funky uptown blues and with the tight precision only the road veterans seem to bring. Click here for a live version of the title song.

Peter Novelli – St. Amant Sessions – (Self-produced): Third release by singer, songwriter, guitarist Novelli, who has been based in New Orleans for over a decade and is thoroughly immersed in the groove of that scene. In addition to his own playing and singing, Novelli is supported by Chris Senac (b), Brian Brignac (d), and Kevin McKendree (keys) and guest appearances by Sonny Landreth, Chubby Carrier and Sammy Naquin (accordions), and Bobby Henderson (sax). Much of the best of his music is syncopated funk as always seems to have an essential link to New Orleans. There other deeper, darker, growling blues funks and flowing rock numbers which are less compelling. Novelli shines much brighter when he keeps the Louisiana busting out the most.   Click here for a musical introduction to this disc.

Hans Theessink & Terry Evans – True & Blue (Blue Groove): Live recording by these two veteran blues players (both on guitar and vocals, Theessink on harmonica). Six of the fourteen songs were composed by Theessink, one by Evans, Bobby King, and Ry Cooder and the remainder largely covers of older blues and pop songs (“Mother Earth”, “Bourgeois Blues”, “The Glory Of Love” and even “Maybelline”!).  A really fine performance!  Acoustic fans, jump on it!  All other folk blues fans will dig this as well. Click here for a live sample of “Maybelline”.




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