New Blues News – 3/10/2015

New Blues News – 3/10/2015

New Blues Adds:

Al Blake – Blues According To Blake (Soul Sanctuary): Blake, former member of the Hollywood Fats Band, presents this acoustic session of three classics (King Bee, Rock Me and Easy) and seven originals that have the classic feel of the urban folk blues.  Blake sings and plays guitar and harp and is supported on various songs by former West Coast bandmates Richard Innes (d), Nathan James (g), Freddy Kaplan (p), and Larry Taylor (b).  The disc’s gentle swing reminds us of older iterations of the blues and of the nostalgic allure of the style. A nice listen.  Click here for a sample of Blake’s playing at home.

The Blues Disciples – Big Beat (Land O’ Blues): Veteran Milwaukee band featuring Jim “Barefoot Jimmy” Schwarz (harp, vox), Paul Stilin (g), Chris Lehnert (keys), and Matt Liban (d) with a variety of special guests including Billy Flynn and Reverend Raven (guitars), Danny Moore, Rob Waters and Danny Moore (keys) and Nick Holmes, Matthew Wilson and Nick Holmes rotating on bass.  The sound is smooth, swinging, and upbeat.  Overall, a very pleasant sound that encourages toe-tapping to the groove.  Click here for a sample from the disc.

Joe Filisko & Eric Noden – On The Move (Roots Duo – self-produced):  A dozen originals from this folksy duo supported by bassist Beau Sample.  Filisko (harp, vox) and Noden (guitar, guitar banjo, harp) maintain a good-time, out-of-town sound throughout. Both are accomplished disciples of early blues styles mostly associated the Piedmont and Delta sounds.  This is a solid disc throughout that may well induce a little steppin’ while you’re listening. Click here for a live performance. Note: this is not on this disc. 

Hyde And Seek – Hyde And Seek (self-produced): Like your gospel in the deep soul style or your soul with more than a dash of gospel and blues?  JUMP on this disc!!  It contains nine intensely moving performances that are as compelling as they come.  The performers include the powerful vocals of Earl Thomas and Lady Bianca (who also plays piano) with some occasional but terrific background support by Tia Carroll, organ by Reverend Paul Smith, guitar by bluesman Ron Thompson, harmonica by session leader Neil Barnes, and bass and drums by Oshmin Oden and Winfred Williams respectively.  The songs range from Don’t Let The Devil Ride and Bridge Over Troubled Water to gospelized version of the old r&b gem Shake A Hand and a terrific gospel uprising penned by Allen Toussaint called Tears, Tears and More Tears. Ron Thomas has a voice that just burns with emotion and steals the show on Heart Like A Locomotive and Just One Word.  A certified Professor Bebop “Wax Devoid of Cracks” !  Click here for an introduction to this production and some short samples.

Harrison Kennedy – This Is From Here (Electro-Fi): Former member of The Chairmen of the Board, Kennedy, who states that the bluesy side of that output has always been his love, began to concentrate more on the traditional style after the Chairmen retired.  This new disc is the fifth recording based solidly on the blues tradition and it finds Kennedy in great form.  He wrote or co-wrote over half of the songs and plays harp or spoons as well as singing all of the songs. The style is a mix of acoustic and electric, with Jesse O’Brien (piano, organ), Gary Craig (drums), John Dymond and Terry Wilkins trading off on bass with guitar provided by a rotation of Colin Linden, Brian Griffith, and Chris Caddell.  Kennedy has an appealing voice for blues with a seasoning of gospel inflection.  Soulful and assertively voiced Harrison Kennedy brings soul, gospel and blues styles together in their natural intersection.  Current and timeless, this disc absolutely deserves a listen.  Click here for a sample of Kennedy’s earlier work. Note: this song is not on this disc.

The Alexis P. Suter Band – Love Way You Roll (American Showplace Music): And now…we’re going to back you up against the wall!  Ms. Suter has pipes that will pin you to the wall.  Rumour is that guitarist Jimmy Bennett had add new power packs to his amp just to help his guitar hold its own in her presence! This is in-your-face funky electric blues and it IS worth every second of the experience.  It’s not all sonic armageddon, but it is all intense in its own way.  Given Suter’s voice, even “regular” accompaniment has to maintain its intensity!  Not exactly Janis, but Suter gives gives later day Etta James and Koko Taylor a solid run for their money. The band: Jimmy Bennett (g), Ray Crappone (d), Peter Bennett (b), Vicki Bell (additional vocals) and John Ginty (keys) are a perfect match for her intensity and are tight enough to provide the sonic zip that supports her intergalactic force. All, but two of the songs are originals.  This is great “Big Mama” blues rock that holds its own with the very best! Click here for a live performance by the Alexis P. Suter Band. Note: this song is not on the disc.

In the words and spelling of Cab “Mr. Hi De Ho” Calloway:

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