New Blues News – 1/27/2015

New Blues News

New Blues Adds:

Mike Henderson Band – If You Think It’s Hot Here…. (EllerSoul): If you like straight-forward, no frills, it-will-knock-you-flat-on-your-rusty-dusty electric blues, then all you need to know is that Mike Henderson has a new blues disc out.  He plays a ’59 Fender Bassman, great slide, and has a blues shout that assures you that there ain’t no fat on the bone.  This time around Henderson is supported by Kevin McKendree (keys so hot they could burn the house down), Michael Rhodes (bass), and Pat O’Connor (drums) with the added help of Don Underwood (guitar) and Chris and Morgane Stapleton (vox) on the country soul title song. Henderson contributed four originals and most of the rest of the disc consists of revisited classics by the likes of Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, and Sonny Boy Williamson and he has clearly been touched by the spirit of Elmore James.  Check this thang OUT!!!!  Click here for a classic Henderson performance.  This song is not on this disc.

Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King – Fat Man’s Shine Parlor (Blind Pig): Kubek (g) and King (g, vox) have been together for 25 years and this is their 15th disc of rockin’ blues. The style is an amalgamation of electric rock and blues with a country-boy-who grew-up-on-the-outskirts-of-town perspective.  The band also includes Shiela Klinefelter (b) and Eric Smith (d). King’s vocals are almost conversational and that actually suits this journeyman music well.  They’re at their best when the story is humorous, as on “Cornbread” or “Brown Bomba Mojo”.  Click here for a sample.  This song is not on the new disc.

Mulebone – Bluesville Sessions (Red Tug): These blues inventions from Mulebone were recorded during 2010 and 2011.  The duo features Hugh Pool on guitar, harp, footboard, and vocals and John Ragusa on flute, fife, cornet, conch shell, jews harp, and vocals. They give their own flavor to some iconic songs like “In My Time Of Dyin’” and Come On In My Kitchen” and present half a dozen on their own compositions.  Their rearrangements are stunningly cool and creative as they make the standards their own (check out “Drop Down Mama”) and their originals are hauntingly captivating as well.  You absolutely want to hear this music!  Click here for a sample performance. This song is not on this disc.

Willie West – Can’t Help Myself (CDS): 2012 re-release by this former NOLA singer who moved after Katrina and remains in Minnesota.  This disc is a potpourri of soul and blue soul with a tiny taste of the great NOLA sound (West was a a featured singer with The Meters in the late 70’s).  The up numbers “Ain’t Going For That”, “Come On Back To New Orleans” and “Where Did I Go Wrong” are very soulful and West’s voice really carries the ballads. This release will certainly grab fans of classic or slightly later soul.  A fine collection.  Click here for a sample.

Phil Wiggins & The Chesapeake Sheiks – No Fools No Fun: Live At Montpelier (Silverbirch):  DC native, champion of the Piedmont blues style, and acoustic harp player Phil Wiggins has spent much of his career playing with guitarist John Cephas.  With Cephas’ death, Wiggins has begun to stretch out the groupings and style of his performances, including playing with Corey Harris, Nat Reese, and (in Reese’s honor for reminding Wiggins how great the black string and swing bands of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s were), this current aggregation – The Chesapeake Sheiks.  In addition to Wiggins’ harp and vocals, the group features Ian Walters (piano), Matt Kelly (guitar), Marcus Moore (violin), and Eric Shrameck (bass) swinging their way through such great songs as “Struttin’ With Some Barbecue”, “Lulu’s Back In Town”, and one that could be the group’s theme, “Don’t Let That Music Die”.  This live performance is a good-time event in every respect: great material (including a few originals) and great performances from the individuals and the ensemble. Their version of “Do You Call That A Buddy” is a knock out! Wiggins reminds us in his liner notes that the group is “…not trying to recreate 78’s.  We are just five fools that love this music, having fun.”  You will, too.  Give it a listen!  BTW, guitarist Matt Kelly has recently moved to Cville and we hope to have him on the air soon!  Click here for some videos of Phil Wiggins in performance.  You’ll need to click on “Videos” at the top of the page to get to them.

Copasetically, Prof. Bebop


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