New Blues for 3-7-2023

Weezil Malone Band – Desert Drive-In( Self-produced)– Larry Fitzgerald, also known as Weezil Malone, is a 40 year veteran musician of the Blues. Desert Drive-In is his latest CD of his own unique Blues. This Album is all original Rock/Blues with amazing song writing and strong riffed guitar structure. What’s amazing about this album is it is 10-11 on the energy level. Some amazing grooves, some great riffs, some amazing guitar effects leads to a very strong collection of songs on this CD. You won’t find any slow ballads on this one, just guns blazing guitar through out. The CD actually flows fairly well, although a slow song in the middle is needed. Great gravely voice goes well with the overdrive guitar and great backing band. There is a lot of good stuff here, but my favorite is the first song on the CD, “All Over Again”, listen to it here. This is a good one, I will give this an 8 in blues content and an 8 on music content.

Nick Schnebelen – What Key Is Trouble In? (Self-Produced)– Nick Schnebelen is a guitar slinger for sure!! His guitar abilities can match any in today’s blues. Nick’s family is filled with musical talent all the way back to his grandfather playing in the 1920’s. Nick and his brother and sister took on the blues world with their band, Trampled Under Foot. They won the 2008 IBC competition. This is Nick’s 4th album on his own and he is making a name for himself as a guitarist, singer and song writer. His guitar playing reminds me a lot of Kenny Wayne Shepard. His voice is strong and lyrics are rich with deep vocals. He starts the CD with a driving song “Ten Years After, Fifty Years Later. It reminds me of a Chuck Berry song. Nick has been opening for George Thorogood on a European tour and one can really hear that some of his music has rubbed off on Nick. There is lots to like on this one. “Hard Driving Woman” and “Poor Side of Town” are great, but I think “Over The Cliff” (which I can’t find online) is my favorite. Here is Nick redoing Son Seal’s song “Funky Bitch”, Listen Here.   The boy can definitely play!!! This is a good CD with some great guitar throughout. I will give this an 8 in blues content and a 7 on music content.

Rhythm Krewe – Unfinished Business (Rhombus)– Rhythm Krewe is a 9 piece horn band from Southern California and really have that jump, swing blues of Southern Cal in their music. Steve Zelman and Gary Coppola alternate vocals on this album and both are great! Steve plays most of the guitar on this CD and is very efficient in his guitar licks. First song is their take on Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s “She Moves Me”. Such a great tune and the Rhythm Krewe does not disappoint. There are many great songs, but I think my favorite is the slow tune written by this group, “Time Of Day”. It reminds me of Albert King!! Great vocals, guitar and piano. Listen to it here. I think this an incredible Blues CD if you like the West Coast Blues Genre. I will give this a 9 in blues content and an 8 on music content.

Scott Ellison -Zero-2-Sixty (Swordfish Records)– Scott Ellison has been around since the 1970’s with his screaming guitar and deep blues vocals and proved he is a force to deal with. Scott plays some amazing guitar, slide guitar and fills in every box in the Blues Genre. From Tulsa Oklahoma, Scott first gained notice playing with Jessica James (Conway Twitty’s daughter) in 1977. National blues audiences learned about him via his work in iconic bluesman Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown’s touring band in 1980-81. He continued to put out his own music through the 90’s, 2000’s to today with his most recent release. You can’t argue with his guitar talent on this CD. “She Needs A Whole Lotta Lovin is a Texas kind of strong shuffle that sets the pace for this album. There is a lot of good guitar rocking stuff here to like, but I think “Zero-2-Sixty” is my favorite. Listen Here. This is a good album with some great moments on it, I will give this a 7 in blues content and a 6 on music content.

Alabama Mike – Stuff I’ve Been Through (Little Village)– Alabama Mike is a hard-driving Chicago-style blues singer with the ability to make you feel as if you’ve revisited the early CHESS RECORDS days. He’s a force on the microphone with a first rate, church house tenor, that he was blessed with. He has a sound that will remind you of a young BB King, Buddy Guy, Elmore James and Little Johnny Taylor. Although I personally would put Mike as a soul artist, his voice is amazing and has lots of blues components. Lots of whimsical lyrics throughout and amazing backing band. Not much online about this album so far, but here is Mike doing some real blues, Listen Here. This is a good album with a very talented artist but I will give this a 6 in blues content and an 8 on music content.

Reviews done by Juke Jackson, so don’t blame the station!!!

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