Leslie Scott-Jones stops by WTJU, Jan 31

Leslie Scott-Jones will stop by WTJU Friday morning, January 31, at 10 for a visit to the Jazz Messenger.  She will chat about a new program at the Jefferson School African American History Center.  This program, called “Eko Ise”, will provide “a conservatory style music program for Black children”.   Leslie and her band will put on a concert this Friday night at the Front Porch as a fundraiser for Eko Ise.

Eko Ise is a partnership between JSAAHC and Front Porch to provide a conservatory style music program for Black children. Children in the program will have 30 weeks of instruction twice a week. Concerts with a house band will be performed during the year at Jefferson School African American Heritage Center & Front Porch to raise money for the program.

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