LeeBangah Live on the WTJU Stage During the Rock Marathon

Date: 04/22/2023

Time: 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Charlottesville Hip-Hop artist, LeeBangah, will perform live on the WTJU Stage for a special fundraising show during the WTJU Rock Marathon, Saturday, April 22, from 8 – 9 p.m.

This show is open to a public audience. You can also listen on the radio (91.1 FM), on-line (wtju.net), or via live stream on WTJU’s Facebook or YouTube channels. While the show is free, it is part of the Rock Marathon. Donations are encouraged!

LeeBangah, born and raised in Charlottesville, is known for his passionate performances and his positive engagement in local community. In 2017 he rolled out The Vinegar Hill Story, a song, video, and mini documentary focusing on the once thriving Black community that was demolished in Charlottesville in the name of urban renewal. His documentary You Never Know Me premiered at the Violet Crown Theater in 2022, touching on who he is on a personal level as a father and as an artist.

“Hip-hop means love, it means unity, strength, opportunity, art,” LeeBangah says. He is working on a new album, soon to be released. This show will kick off his tour. 

WTJU is located at 2244 Ivy Rd in Charlottesville, right next door to Vivace. There is plenty of parking, both in our lot as well as the Sentara lot next door.

Schedule: wtju.net/marathon
Listen: wtju.net/player
Give: wtju.net/donate
Thank You Gifts: wtju.net/premiums/

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