Joe Guymala treks from Gunbalanya to WTJU, Jan 23

Aboriginal artist Joe Guymala still stop by WTJU Thursday afternoon, January 23, at 4:30 for a visit with Folk & Beyond host Peter Jones.  In addition to being a talented musician, he is also a world renowned painter who has two shows hanging at the University of Virginia; one at the Rotunda and the other at Fralin Art Museum.

Joe Guymala lives and works in Gunbalanya. He frequently spends time in Manmoyi, his outstation in Western Arnhemland and is the grandson of Namerredje (John)Guymala. He has toured nationally as a musican with Nabarlek Band and MimihBand and helped to write many songs with his knowledge of traditional stories andcountry. Guymala’s work is often playful and documents his contemporary day to daylife out bush, he also acknowledges his forefathers paintings in the rock shelters ofArnhemland as a great source of inspiration. Joe works exclusively in naturalochre’s using ‘Manyilk’ a thin grass brush to apply line after line, layer after layer tocreate his very powerful and unique compositions.

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