Joaquin Turina: Complete Piano Trios

This release features all four of Joaquin Turina’s piano trios. It includes his first Trio, written when Turina was 20 (but never published). The release also has his two numbered trios, plus Circulo.

This is a top-notch group of musicians. David and Aldo Mata have a familial connection that makes them a great duo. Pianist Patricia Arauzo rounds out the trio beautifully. I was impressed at how well all three instruments blended throughout the recording.

And all three musicians share Turina’s Spanish heritage. They understand the underpinnings of his music. And their playing conveys that understanding. These are exceptional performances.

And it’s an instructive program. There’s a big difference between Turina’s 1904 trio and his 1936 Circulo. In the latter, Turna’s an experience composer in full command of his material. The music is tightly focused. The expressions are big, but not extravagant.

Turina’s output is often neglected compared to that of other 20th Century composers. This release shows just how unjust that neglect is.

Joaquin Turina: Complete Piano Trios
David Mata, violin; Aldo Mata, cello; Patricia Arauzo, piano
IBS BS192022

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