Jamie Dyer & Dan Sebring on Lambeth Live, Nov 2

Jamie Dyer and Dan Sebring will put on the November 2 edition of Lambeth Live (heard each Friday night from 8-9 on WTJU), and you are invited to be part of the studio audience for this FREE concert broadcast!  This is Jamie’s swan song before heads off to the west coast, so come on out and say farewell in style.  Joining him will be Dan Sebring, who has been one of Jamie’s biggest influences these past four decades of being in Charlottesville.

You can of course listen to the concert (91.1 FM around Charlottesville, on-line at wtju.net), or even video stream it at WTJU’s Facebook page, but concerts always sound better with a studio audience!

This week’s concert will take place at Belmont Arts Collaborative, located in Kathy’s Shopping Center at 221 Carlton Road (Belmont PizzaFound Market).

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