jazz adds may 2, 2016

bill evans.  some other time.  resonance.   June 20, 1968:  music from a house concert in the Germany’s Black Forest.  just days after their brilliant performance @ Montreaux Jazz, pianist bill evans with his newly permanent bassist eddie gomez + drummer jack dejohnette ( briefly with the trio) recorded for producer hans georg brunner-schwer at his chalet in Villingen.  no such thing as too much bill evans, some other time is a companion to resonance‘s bill evans live at top of the gate (2012).   i left my selected dots all over this two cd collector’s delight.


hutchinson andrew trio.  hollow trees.  chronograph.  Loved this meeting of a jazz trio with the lily string quartet, playing originals;  passion, rhythm and melody created in Western (Alberta) Canada.  pianist chris andrew composes mostly, and has played with bassist kodi hutchinson and drummer karl schwonik for eight year;  strings of the lily quartet give a dimension of exotic lushness.  favorites: hollow trees, oasis, life without, beroke, an odd easy to love.


vijay  iyer + wadada leo smith.  a cosmic rhythm with each stroke.  ecm.  Experimental collaboration between pianist vijay iyer and  his teacher/friend trumpeter wadada leo smith.  the album pays tribute to the Indian artist nasreen mohamadi (1937-1990) whose art show on view @ the MET’s modern breuer gallery (thru june 5 )will includes iyer & smith’s music.  cues #2-8 interpret mohamedi’s drawings.  soft-spoken.


milt hinton.  the judge’s decision.  cap.   1984:  the judge–bassist milt hinton– working with a young band, among them alto sax titan, sam furnace who started off in soul backing the four tops and the temptations.  Furnace (1954-2004)  rises here to hinton’s excellence &  goes on to play with julius hemphill, chico o’farrill.  terrific band, dynamic mysterious covers; with jay d’amico, piano;  kevin norton@drums;  mike walters,  additional sax.


rene marie.  sound of red.  motema.  Vivid, passionate self portrait from singer/composer/Virginia native rene marie.  all originals, supported by longtime trio– quentin e. baxter@drums; john chin, piano;  elias bailey, bass.  check out go home, this is (not) a protest song, blessing.


susie arioli.  spring.  spectra.  Montreal vocalist susie arioli mixes her originals with  50’s classics dearest darling, those lonely lonely nights.  producer john snyder and arranger/keyboardist don thompson make the most of the horn-forward (phil dwyer, kevin turcotte, andy ballantyne, shirantha  beddage, kelsey grant) ensemble + terry clarke@drums;  neil swainson, bass;  reg schwager, guitar.


axel tosca.   tosca.  alfi.   Pianist, and no stranger to other keyboards, alex tosca  inherited a devotion to the magic of  Cuban music from his mother xiomara laugart, the ” voice of Cuba”, and father, songwriter albert tosca.   debut cd involves jeff tain watts@drums;  keyon harrold (the horn of miles in miles ahead);  luques curtis  & james genus, bass;   mostly originals.


fahir atakoglu.  live at umbira jazz.  far&here.  Istanbul pianist/composer  fahir atakoglu plays originals with his trio–“el negro” hernandez@drums,  alain caron, bass– in this live recording from teatro morlacchi, Umbria Jazz Festival, 2010.  very Balkan-influenced cues from beyoglu to aheste (Turkish blues) to black sea, gypsy in me and trapped—all of which were on atakoglu’s  jazz/fusion 2008 recording,  istanbul in blue .


adrienne fenemor.  mo’puddin.  af.  Hammond organist/composer from New Zealand.  terrific style,  adrienne learned to play listening to jimmy smith records after she imported a B-3 Down Under.  trio mates include drummer of the moment, willie jones iii and peter bernstein on guitar. drop the needle anywhere.


daria.  strawberry fields forever.  OA2.   NoCal vocalist daria concentrates on the late beatles, lennon-mccartney songs, giving some a Brazilian tinge (come together, if i fell, julia), others the  throaty heft of  multiple horns (the fool on the hill, helter skelter).  supported by standout Bay-area musicians: melecio magdaluyo on alto;  jean michel hure’, guitar;  sam bevan, bass;  jonathan alford, keyboards.


louis heriveaux.  triadic episode.  hot shoe.    Atlanta native and steady sideman, pianist louis heriveaux debuts with originals and jazz classics;  his trio, curtis lundy on bass and terreon gully@drums.  though classically trained,  young louis played jazz clubs, was spotted by russell malone and toured with his quartet.  his cover of mulgrew miller’s from day to day swings  as does blue bossa by kenny dorham.


acme jazz garage.  eponymous.  solar grooves.    AJG= philip booth, fretless and reg. basses;  tim diehl@drums;  bryan lewis, rhodes, B-3, piano;  matt swenson, guitars.  many guests bringing in horns, congas, vibraphones, saxes.  check out zag, sandprints, and the mongo twins.  “influnced by the meters, santana, robben ford, grover washington, anita o’day …” perhaps funky.


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