Jauchzet Gott: Cantatas by Bach, Graupner, and Zelenka

For me, three things blend very well. They are the soprano voice, the clarion trumpet, and Baroque sacred cantatas. Apparently, I’m not alone, as Accent has released an album of just that. 

When done well, the soprano voice and Baroque trumpet complement each other. Both have about the same range. Plus the valveless trumpet sounds best in the high register.

This is a great album. Soprano Magdalene Harer sings with a smooth, honeyed tone. Her performances give the music a sense of the ethereal. 

Hannes Rux’ instrument also favors a smoother tone. It doesn’t have the edge of a modern trumpet, which is just fine. 

The Harmonie Universelle plays with both precision and energy. And that keeps the excitement level high throughout these works. And what a selection!

Christoph Graupner, Jan Dismass Zelenka, and Johann Sebastian Bach. All three were contemporaries. And all three were among the best composers of the late Baroque. 

Also included are two instrumental selections. Graupner’s Concerto for Two Violins in E-flat major GWV 319 features the ensemble’s co-directors. Monica Waisman and Florian Deuter have real chemistry, making this an engaging listen.

Bach’s Sinfonia in D major, BWV 1045 is the sole surviving section of a much larger celebratory work. It provides a nice contrast between the cantatas. At the same time, it maintains the overall tone of the album. 

As I say — these types of cantatas work for me. And these performances really make them work. Highly recommended.

Jauchzet Gott: Bach, Graupner, Zelenka
Magdalene Harer, soprano; Hannes Rux, trumpet
Harmonie Universelle; Florien Deuter and Monica Waisman, directors

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