Host Profile: Dave Gibson

Name: Dave Gibson

Radio Name: Mr. Chilps

Show: Rock Marathon: Gentle Prog (formerly hosted Hot and Cold Skulls, Friday, 2 – 4 p.m.)

Day Job: Moving Image Archivist at Library of Congress

How long have you been a host at WTJU? 7 glorious years

Why did you become a WTJU host?
Wanted to become involved with the WTJU community and to share my passion for music

Why should someone tune into your show in particular?
In the case of my upcoming rock marathon show, people should tune in to gently ease themselves into their Tuesday

Tell us about one of your biggest gaffs while in the studio:
Probably just notoriously being bad about checking lyric sheets and playing several eff bombs over the WTJU airwaves

Favorite moments in the air studio?
Most of my happiest WTJU memories seem to revolve around the Rock Marathons and the sense of community that they seem to build within the studio and beyond. The energy during marathon week is infectious and I look forward to it every year! Also enjoyed being part of the record breaking number of DJs day with everyone crammed into the main room downstairs, something I miss in these times of forced isolation.

If you could interview anyone on air, dead or alive, who would it be?
I would interview Peter Howell who is one of my main musical heroes, from his time as an independent psych folkie making small press records with his collaborator, John Ferdinando, to his groundbreaking electronic work with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. I would just love to hear about his musical philosophy.

What are your guilty pleasures (Music or otherwise)?
It’s hard to have too many musical guilty pleasures these days when the Internet has made almost everything culturally important in some form or another. I do get some grief from people for being into the 80s output of people like Steve Winwood, but that’s mainly from those who were old enough to remember what he sounded like before those albums came out!

How has it felt being a radio host during this pandemic?
I haven’t hosted too many shows since the pandemic started but the one remote show I put together with Sister Pirate Jenny for Radio Freedonia was both fun and at the same time totally bizarre. Pre-recording all of our between song banter was definitely out of the ordinary!

What are your passions outside of music?
Outside of music I like to hike, travel, watch movies and spend time with my wife, Renee, and dog, Lily

Why does WTJU matter?
WTJU is such a crucial part of the Charlottesville community and has been such a lifeline for me since moving to Charlottesville in 2007. I feel that WTJU is such a crucial hub for information about the community and an absolute wellspring of inspiration for those of us passionate about music.

How have you seen WTJU change in your time here? How have you seen Charlottesville change?
The main change is the move from the old location on grounds to the new one in the former Sneak Reviews building! Other than that I feel like the same spirit and energy endures since I started volunteering. As far as Charlottesville at large, I have definitely been around long enough to see its expansion and to see it rocked by catastrophe in recent years. It is my hope that the hardships we’ve endured as a community will only strengthen our connection as we move forward. I hope that WTJU can play a part in strengthening those connections.

Would you rather be a famous singer or be able to bring your favorite deceased singer back to life?
Would rather be famous…still trying!

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