Greg Weaver goes offline to the Jazz Messenger, Aug 30

Greg Weaver, sax player for The Hard Modes, will stop by WTJU this Friday morning, August 30, for a visit to the Jazz Messenger (heard Fridays 10 til noon).  Greg will discuss FREE PLAY, a free, international, online jazz festival of video game music that will take place on August 31 / September 1 on (times vary by region).

FREE PLAY will feature some of the premiere VGM/jazz groups on the scene today, including: – The Consouls (Sydney, AUS) – The Hard Modes (Virginia, USA) – N!ESS (Tokyo, JPN) – The VGM Collective (New York, USA) – 8-Bit Jazz Heroes (California, USA) The bands participating in FREE PLAY all share a common language in both video game music and jazz. Furthermore, we make improvisation a focal point of our arrangements, allowing soloists to extend the game music we love in a deeply personal way. Bands will stream back-to-back hour-long sets on their individual Twitch pages. After their set is through, they will pass viewers to the next band’s page–this will repeat until the festival concludes.

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