“Got a Little Rhythm” has a lot of fun

It’s always fun when friends get together to make music. And that’s exactly what this intimately-recorded release sounds like. Pianist John Musto and soprano Amy Burton are a husband and wife team, steeped both in Broadway and classical music traditions. Baritone Patrick Mason is a long-time collaborator with both Musto and Burton, and the easy camaraderie of these three comes across in the release.

Many singers stick to the Great American Songbook when performing an album of show tunes, but mercifully that’s not what happens here. Sure, there are some standards such as George Gershwin’s “Fascinating Rhythm” and Vernon Duke’s “Autumn in New York.”

But this trio goes deeper into the repertoire, coming up with some unusual gems like “I’ll See You in C-U-B-A” by Irving Berlin and “Faithful Forever,” by Ralph Robin and Leo Rainger.

I’m used to the singing style of Broadway’s current crop of full-throated performers. Initially Burton and Mason’s voices sounded a little thin to me. After a couple of numbers, though, I began to appreciate the subtleties their restraint brought to the songs.

It sounds like”Got a Little Rhythm” was a lot of fun to record. I’m glad Bridge Records let us sit in on the fun.

Got a Little Rhythm
Amy Burton, soprano; Patrick Mason, baritone; John Musto, piano
Bridge Records 9430

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