Get your copy of WTJU’s first zine issue about Cville’s local music scene

Those in the know say that Charlottesville has an unusual wealth of musical creativity for a city its size. Whether you’re into metal, classical, klezmer, or anything in between the Charlottesville music scene delivers over and over again.

If a town wants a local music scene, it must make space for it. Nourish it. It takes work and requires passion, and it often falls to a core group of ever-evolving people and places to keep the tunes going.

“Under the Table and Screaming” is a new zine series from WTJU about a local music scene. Every place has one, and this one is ours.

During the pandemic, local journalist and WTJU host Erin O’Hare interviewed more than 50 local musicians and venue owners and collected a huge quantity of graphic artifacts. Complemented with artwork by Sarah Everton and Thomas Dean, the zine series will document 11 of Charlottesville’s music venues – most of them DIY or independent. (Zines are self-produced, ad-free mini-books / magazines, often low tech in their assemblage.)

“Under The Table And Screaming” gives a nod to the long shadow cast by the Dave Matthews Band in the 1990s, while delving into the people, places, and stories that keep our vibrant local music scene alive and thriving today. The zine series takes an ecumenical approach to Charlottesville’s music genres. Issues will variously delve into a wide array of genres, including classical, jazz, rock, folk, hip-hop, and experimental / electronic. Interspersed with these profiles will be stories, venues, and anecdotes from Charlottesville’s musical past.

In this first teaser volume, Erin O’Hare focuses on Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar, an eclectic venue with an equally eclectic history and cast of characters. As a longstanding non-corporate, open-minded pillar of the Charlottesville music community, Tea Bazaar has held shows ranging from the strange to the sublime for more than 20 years.

Full of the personal charm that characterizes Tea Bazaar itself (and a liberal dosage of f-bombs) O’Hare’s writing perfectly emulates the ethos of this wonderfully weird, welcoming place.

Issue #1 is currently only available as a thank-you gift with your pledge of $50 or more to WTJU’s Rock Marathon.


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