General Guidelines for Performing Groups

WTJU is happy to feature your appearance in our Live Music Recording Studio. If you would like to perform live on-air at WTJU, please contact us to determine space/engineering availability and suitability of music. WTJU has several excellent engineers to make you sound great! Live Music Studio Layout.

Note: due to WTJU’s eclectic program schedule, it is necessary that you be adaptable if your ideal performance time is not available.

Please abide by the following guidelines while you are a guest at WTJU, a department within the University of Virginia. All applicable University rules apply to guests of WTJU. The following will help you establish a good rapport with the listeners while keeping WTJU out of trouble with the FCC and the University!

  1. The Week Before Your Performance
    1. Contact WTJU at least five days in advance to arrange an in-studio performance.
      1. WTJU will then arrange a person to engineer the performance in our special Live Music Recording Studio. Performances in this space require an on-air host in the Main Air Studio and an engineer in the Live Performance Studio.
      2. Go to WTJU website and click on “Directions” and print a copy for your visit.
    2. Confirm time and performance guidelines w/ a host or engineer using phone number or email provided to you. For further questions call the main office number, 434-924-0885 between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm.
    3. Provide the following to the host/engineer to enable engineer to prepare for your appearance:
      1. Name of Individual/Group performing and primary contact information, including an on-the-road contact number;
      2. Number and type of instruments to be used in the performance
      3. How many vocalists will perform at any one time; and
      4. What speciality gear you are bringing, i.e. direct boxes, etc.
  2. The Day of the Performance
    1. Arrive on time: Your performance will coincide with a specific WTJU program. Late arrival may result in an abbreviated version of, or the cancellation of your performance.
    2. A solo singer/musician should arrive a minimum of twenty minutes prior to performance time in order to set up equipment and do a sound check. A minimum of fifteen minutes should be added for each additional musicianand 25 minutes should be allowed to set up a drum kit.
    3. No Smoking in our building! WTJU has a fire-prevention sprinkler system; therefore, smoking is forbidden anywhere in the building. In addition, nothing that generates flame or smoke is allowed anywhere in the building, i.e. matches, incense, etc.
    4. Drugs and alcohol are forbidden in any University of Virginia building.
    5. No food or drink is allowed in any studio space. WTJU has a kitchenette available if you would like coffee or have brought refreshments with you.
  3. Your performance
    1. Turn cell phones &/or pagers OFF before performance begins.
    2. When talking with the on-air announcer move close to the microphone and speak directly into it! When singing, take the advice of the engineer as to distance.
    3. No foul or inappropriate language is allowed per the FCC.
    4. WTJU is a Non-Commercial Radio Station. Therefore you:
      1. Can: Mention where & when you’re playing, and that your CD is available at local record Stores.Example: I’ll be playing tonight at Tokyo Rose… doors open at 9:00 and the music starts about 10PM. I also have a new CD out on Bloodshot titled ‘Rubber Soul’. It’s available at most record stores”.
      2. Can’t: Mention cost of admission or specific stores
      3. Can: Mention other artists and their shows, but same rules in #6 apply. Example: “John Lennon is great. You know he’ll be playing next Thursday at Miller’s”.
      4. Can’t: Promote businesses – or other for-profit enterprises (commercial venue, your favorite restaurant, commercial websites or other).
      5. Can: Provide your own or band’s website information
      6. Can’t: Provide websites of on-line music stores
  4. Equipment available at WTJU For Your Performance Disclaimer: There is no absolute assurance that all this equipment will be available so always confirm prior to your appearance
    1. Recording Equipment
      1. (1) Tascam DA-40 DAT Recorder (remote)
      2. (2) HHB CDR-850 (remote)
    2. Microphones
      1. (4) EV RE-20s
      2. (1) Audio Technica AT 4033
      3. (2) Earthworks QTC1
    3. Accessories
      1. (7) Full-sized microphone stands
      2. (2) Stubby microphone stands
      3. (5) sets of headphones
      4. (8) sets of microphone cables, various lengths
      5. (5+) sets of headphones
      6. (1) Multi-connector “Snake”: Snake box has:
        1. 6–XLR “Ins”
        2. 3– ¼” “Ins”
        3. 4– headphone “Ins”
        4. Additional “Ins” direct to the Mackie are available
  5. There will be at least one sound engineer in the studio with you to help get the sound and equipment set up. Though we have a number of microphones, stands and cables, if you have a large group it might be helpful if you have some of your own.
  6. The focus is on the performance. It is not specifically an interview though the host may ask questions of you. Make sure to have a full set planned. The host will be at the Main air console in the next room facing you through a window to interact with you and monitor broadcast levels.
  7. More helpful stuff:
    1. The restrooms are on the right as you approach the front door of WTJU.
    2. Have fun and the listeners will too!

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