WTJU Folk & World: Best of 2016

Thousands of albums make their way to WTJU each year, and not all of them of course make it to our airwaves.  But each year there are a few standouts.  Below are some of the WTJU Folk announcers’ favorites*.

John Bates (World Turning)
Terry Carpenter (Atlantic Weekly I)
Alex Davis (Atlantic Weekly II)
Emily Gary (Something New)
Goldfinger (Reggae Vibrations)
Peter Jones (Folk & Beyond)
Lonesome George (Cosmic American Jamboree)
Monster of Happiness (Jumpin’ on the Bed)
Bruce Penner (Radio Tropicale)
Pete (Sunset Road)
Rebecca (Eclectic Woman Show)
Dave Rogers (Professor Bebop)
David Soyka (Jumpin’ on the Bed)

Below are videos from some of the acts who showed up on a few of the announcers’ lists.

*For the sake of these “Best of Compilations”, we decided to not include local acts (defined here as within 100 miles of Charlottesville).

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