Folk, World & Specialty Programs For 2015 WTJU Fall Pledge Drive

In case you have not heard, WTJU is trying something a little different this fall when it comes to fundraising.  Instead of the week long genre marathons, all the regular programs will instead stay on the air, and highlight what they do best with some extra special programming.  We hope you will call in your pledges at 434-924-3959, or by donating on-line.

Below is a list of what the folk,world and specialty programs have coming at you from October 1-11.  So sit back and enjoy, and thanks for calling in those pledges at 434-924-3959, or donating on-line.

Thursday, October 1
12-2 pm Cosmic American Jamboree’s “Move It On Over To Hank Williams”
4-6 pm Folk & Beyond’s “Fiddle vs Mandolin Battle Royale

Friday, October 2
12-2 pm World Turning’s “Out With A Roar”
4-6 pm Sunset Road’s “Richmond Folk Festival Preview” with special guest Jon Lohman, VA State Folklorist
8-9 pm Lambeth Live looks back with 11 acts from the first year (2013-2014)

Saturday, October 3
6-8 am Leftover Biscuits’ “Hawaii’s Long Shadow: The Birth of Steel”
8-10 am Atlantic Weekly I’s “Drinking Songs”
10 am-12 pm Atlantic Weekly II’s “Belt Away With That Song!”
12-2 pm Reggae Vibration’s “The Alpha Boys’ School”
4-6 pm Jumpin’ on the Bed’s “Bob-Off”
6-8 pm Sunshine Daydream’s “Children of the Dead”
8-9 pm Gather ‘Round’s “Gillian Welch & David Rawlings at the Prism (1996)

Sunday, October 4
12-2 pm Tell Us A Tale’s “Family Invasion

Monday, October 5
4-6 pm Back Up and Push’s “Lost Tribe of Country Music” with special guest Chris Leva

Tuesday, October 6
12-2 pm Eclectic Woman’s “Sisters Singing Sound So Sweet”
4-6 pm Around This Town’s “Local Look with special guests Mike Clem, Peyton Tochterman, Sally Rose & Justin Storer

Wednesday, October 7
12-2 pm Radio Tropicale’s “Cuban Dreams”
4-6 pm “Something New Meets The Future

Thursday, October 8
12-2 pm Cosmic American Jamboree’s “Road Tunes”
4-6 pm Folk & Beyond’s “World Champion Stringed Instrument: Banjo vs Fiddle with Seth Swingle & Aaron Olwell LIVE

Friday, October 9
12-2 pm World Turning’s Music of the Sufis”
4-6 pm Sunset Road’s “Phenomenal Fiddling with special guests Isabella Gorman and Victor Furtado

Saturday, October 10
6-8 am Leftover Biscuits’ “Music of Coal”
10 am-12 pm Atlantic Weekly II’s “Blue Ridge Irish Music School LIVE
12-2 pm Reggae Vibrations’ “Positive Collective LIVE from Lambeth Lounge” (public invited)
4-6 pm Jumpin’ on the Bed’s “The Fillmores: East Meets West”
6-8 pm Sunshine Daydream’s “Way Back When”
8-9 pm Gather ‘Round’s “David Grier & Chris Thile at Prism (2000) – Fully Remastered Third Set

Sunday, October 11
12-2 pm Tell Us A Tale’s “Tom & Emily LIVE


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